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The relevant distinction, to my mind, is not hard/soft but complexity. CS, econ, psych, ecology, meteorology, are…
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Pay us to do your; Essays due Sociology History Public health Accounting Maths Homework Statistics Calculus Finance…
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@newmagicoreo omg matching history and physics grades sjdksj
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@Pay us to help you with; Online #course work #Math hw. #Excel #Project #Essay due #Pay write #English #Case study…
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lol im the only one who ansered something correctly in physics 👁‍🗨👄👁‍🗨
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RT @NobelPrize: Enrico Fermi, born #OTD in 1901, was awarded the #NobelPrize in Physics in 1938. He was awarded the prize for using…
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Finished second reading of @phalpern work Synchronicity. Done as narrative with personal…
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RT @PhysInHistory: Happy Birthday to Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) an Italian-born American physicist best known for creating world's first…
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▶카톡 82GD◀ rival 현금화 shell 휴대폰소액결제 spit 정책미납 pioneer 소액결제정책 illustrate 아이폰소액결제현금 physics 정책미납 99%가능
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@shreyabasu003 Every upper-level physics problem:
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RT @AlxndriaTH3Gr8: Hello! Its me! LaNell! One of the programming coleads w/ @BlackInMicro !I'm a PhD Candidate @harvardphysics n I st…
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@crowleytits I am, I just really hate physics
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RT @ScienceIsNew: Electric RC plane defying laws of physics with reverse thrust and vectoring.
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What Do you want ? Me : I want a time machine🔥 When do you want it ? It doesn't matter , When 😂😈 But , I truly…
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RT @AccurateWriting: Pay us to do your; Essays due Sociology Geometrics History Public health Accounting Maths Homework Statistics Calcu…
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@yktvvvarianne Hello,, am an expert in physics, calculus and algebra. Am experienced in taking online classes. I ca…
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RT @IOPTeaching: Teaching physics in London, East Anglia or Kent? Join us from 29 October for our online physics CPD festival. Run…
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@nickfismat @PedritaSimMeu Actually you're right, physics is unbounded thanks to the sheer power of pure bullshit
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RT @GazeWithin: Harry Potter fans have to know everything about physics, while normies know absolutely nothing about Hogwarts Schoo…
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