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RT @amoure_af: To all my romantics..its time we marry after this, I personally refuse to be single during the next global crisis
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@lastaryaa 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 انا ضحكت معاه وانا مو فاهمه شي ورفرف ققللببيييي
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@theAliceRoberts I agree, it's outdated & unreasonable to force someone to take that when have clearly indicated th…
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RT @SooChoiFolder: V:Personally I love Suga Hyung’s rap the most in the world. @BTS_twt :wow.. SG:😊 V:His spectrum is so wide. Whenev…
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I guess those #FilmYourHospital conspiracy nutjobs aren't going to believe we are in the midst of a pandemic until…
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RT @OH_mes2: MONSTA X Joohoney gifted CRAVITY a song he personally composed for their debut album
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RT @heelsnitaehyung: ❗REMIDERS FOR APRIL FOOLS PRANK FOR B7S ❗ 🚫 DON'Ts -DO NOT use j00n's no more dream concept photo # (the black o…
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RT @captainsacks: Quite simple, wear a mask or stay home... or get violent and ordered to leave the country... Personally I think he…
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@RickKamlaSports @SiriusXMNBA @PhilJackson11 @adaniels33 I can imagine Antonio took that personally as a member of that 99 Spurs title team.
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RT @CMichaelGibson: @Beavis103 Personally I think so. Harvard hospitals have moved to having people wear them throughout the hospital
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RT @KaylaIndiana: personally?? I’m tired of buying data
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RT @jmbenson1491: 🦠Corona Virus Covid19 Poll Update:16🦠 3-30-20 Since the last poll, has there been any change? D…
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@SwissRamble Keep going mate, I find it really interesting personally 👍
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RT @amoure_af: To all my romantics..its time we marry after this, I personally refuse to be single during the next global crisis
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@LanaIsMyFeather @LanaParrilla @curlyred817 I’m personally not caught up with anything because I’m not watching any…
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Another picture of Justice S Ravindra Bhat, a #SupremeCourt judge, personally distributing food packets to migrant…
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Personally, I’ll never get over shawty marrying & having a child with his best friend after he risked his life to g…
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RT @MrsGandhi: ISKCON Temple at Juhu, Mumbai humbly distributing delicious prasadam to thousands everyday. Personally experienced…
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RT @qikipedia: Ottoman Sultan Murad IV so disliked coffee that he would sneak out of his palace at night, dressed as a commoner, a…
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@GREEDJKS @Aimz2424 he personally doesnt like it
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