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i can't come to hoenn to avenge bill because i need to think about who i am as a person
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RT @notshebJAMmin: @rieslingbeauty Can't remember who said it but the person that was like "I understand bears every time I eat salmon" 😭
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RT @ScottZILWarrior: I will send one random person $1000 in 24hrs all you have to do is RT and be following myself so I can do DM you if…
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just need 1 person to say they’d take the B and i won’t waste all day on this BS
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The person above is the Knight of Heart
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RT @NanciAma: Being a racist; a slave owner; and a child rapist speaks volumes about a person's character. Or lack thereof. I wi…
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I love the interactions on Twitter that end up with the person leaving the thread they started after getting checke…
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RT @Fayokunmii: Second Ramadan with this person, it’s been bliss🥺🙏🏿
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RT @entropied: 4. Interpretation of Hinduism through Shastras & Gurus only: Just the way the best person to learn Physics is a Phy…
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RT @jason_meister: Democrats lock our country down while they open our southern border. They push vaccine passports while they call vo…
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RT @Jstlivinbbyy: There is no feeling like bending your back for a person, I mean giving your ALL damn near your last just to make th…
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@TCHSCounseling @TchsGo @ptsatchs_kisd @PtsaTchs @BettePerot 5. Nathan Herzog Scholarship Application Due April 30t…
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RT @RBReich: —We spend $107,575,000,000 more on police than on public housing. —15 states spend $27,000 more per person in pris…
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RT @omoyeeeh: God said I should tell one person here to get a thanksgiving song ready because what His bringing your way is big and near.
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RT @hiredops: Mercenaries! AbsolutSoft team is happy to announce that the long awaited online first-person shooter #HiredOps rele…
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one person followed me // automatically checked by
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Can you sleep knowing you are a terrible person? 😶
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RT @MrsTOH2O: Trivia Love: GENIUS wordplay! Read it in the Translation! 🥰💜 #ReadySetandBTS #BTSARMY @BTS_twt "You are the one who…
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RT @MattMandrusiak: Congrats @ryanking46 on an outstanding career. Truly one of the greatest people I've had the pleasure of getting to…
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RT @digupancestors: Choosing a main image for a blog when you don't have a photo of the person can be really hard. Especially when the…
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