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RT @MaddowBlog: "People should not have to decide whether they can vote or be sick. That's just not a good choice for anyone in a d…
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RT @iingwen: On behalf of the government & the people of #Taiwan, I want to offer my best wishes to @BorisJohnson for a swift re…
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@danwootton You mushed many of my friends & relatives brains, people who were kind & taught me to respect others, n…
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RT @JustinWhang: People new to Bill Mitchell missed the boomer compilation story arc
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RT @goIdnangeI: ban all white people except for harry styles until we figure out what is going on
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RT @BernardKerik: I just realized watching President @realDonaldTrump’s press conference that the press thinks the president has a ma…
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RT @dailyTweetspost: My mama told me “sometimes people pretend you’re a bad person so they don’t feel guilty for the things they did to you” damn
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RT @afneil: Normal party politics is suspended in Britain tonight. All people of good will hope for the Prime Minister’s speed…
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RT @shadow_twts: [Interview] S. Korean Culture Minister "@BTS_twt conveys the message of 'people relates each other'"
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RT @ps9714: Thanks to Trump, There’s a Hydroxychloroquine Shortage for People Who Need It People with lupus and other autoimmu…
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RT @MightiJamie: That couple was arrested for getting married in violation of the #LockdownMzansi. So the same energy must be main…
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@DeepikaBhardwaj Sab mood mein hain.. 😂😂 So many people like & loves you.. Lucky you.. 👍😁
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RT @_SwallowMyStyle: Black people who talk negatively about HBCUs cannot be trusted.
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RT @antonioguterres: More than 1 million people were systematically murdered in just 100 days during the genocide against the Tutsi in R…
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i have no patience for childish people omg
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@Leratokganyago 😂 Sorry mama, i thought it's only here on Twitter where we found those kind of people.
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@FortniteBRLive Dunno, people are hyped and excited, some people have even announced going pro but tbh it do be kin…
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RT @stavvers: This country, and many other western countries, have an obsession with sick people working. From messaging in cold…
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RT @iDREYY: The hatred for Seyi Makinde by APC folks though... Is it because he takes care of his people or what?
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RT @aizadfahmy: You're eating better than most people in the world. Sit the fuck down
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