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@moep_eins @vincepachiano @statesman More like 11,000 people... when you don’t factor in possible age. Bring age in…
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RT @Iexeys: i don’t think people understand how observant i am, i really ain’t no fool.
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@sonofjannerchy @Phil_Osophi @Fframedindallas Then why are so many hospitalisations and people visiting A&E down to the vax?
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@ArvindKejriwal *urgent Thinking - is it legal or illegal !! How can common people form Government!! IAS Persons r…
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RT @dc_mma: And once again Nate Diaz shows up and even after losing a fight his stock rises. That flurry is all that’ll be talk…
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There is a lot we can learn from successful people. Timekeeping and managing time effectively is one of them. I was…
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RT @stopitsabrinaa: imagine how many people dislike you because they didn’t hear your side of the story
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RT @DavidDallas256: But you people, how many days have we pushed on the 42 so far?🤔
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There were so many people tryna sell cocaine and heroine on the beach. I had to keep telling them to relax.
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RT @hartramsey: It’s dangerous to commit to giving people the same “energy” they’re giving you. If their “energy” is not pure, posi…
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RT @jupy314: People who don’t have social anxiety don’t understand the struggle of appearing on camera in online meetings.
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RT @bresylvain: a true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on eachother
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ratioing people early in the morning so true!!
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RT @Rathore_Manani: Public understands that Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu has been framed under a conspiracy, to defame Hindu Dharma. That'…
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Like how dumb does it sound. "Im not anti lgbt+, i just support those that are?" "I believe in equality, but dona…
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@mickmckeown80 @johnnyhammer5 @GaborKi12157592 @SkySports Good. Give up. Telling people how they should behave when…
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@YabaiKankei I don't see the smoke though. There's some young people on the list but it ranges from brain bleeds to…
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i have many secret useless skills stemming from my classical music training and every time i bring them out its lik…
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@garyalsmith What was good about this game ? Eeiiiii you people too oooo. There r some Ghana premier league games…
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TAZE, Sagaing Region: People marched to protest against military dictatorship today. #June13Coup…
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