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RT @ThinkingWiseman: Forgiving people in silence and never again talking to them is a form of self-care.
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RT @trevor_norris0: My Twitter account is basically becoming me retweeting everything I want to say, but letting other people say it an…
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people who are judgmental of names for no reason are annoying
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RT @darkwrld99: people come and go. but shit, one of them leaving me with mental trauma.
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RT @PAbeywardena: RM of @bts_bighit gave remarks on behalf of BTS to celebrate South Korean art at the @metmuseum - the group is visi…
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RT @Marmel: Now make it mandatory before people are allowed to step in an airport.
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RT @mentallyhealing: sometimes people pretend you’re a bad person so they don’t feel guilty about the things they do to you
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@ChicagoFir @Dug180 @RWMaloneMD Which in USA would be 333000 people. Effectively much higher as not all are reporte…
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@a5H213 The interaction between people when ur live there aint nothing better than it mate :D
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RT @xxcatishxx: how do people chill at home wearing jeans??? i literally cannot think of anything worse
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RT @MiniFootballBsc: 🚨 $200 PRIZE UP FOR GRABS TODAY PER WINNER!!💰 🤑 🚨 HOW TO ENTER (PLEASE READ) 🚨👇🏼👇🏼 STEP 1 You NEED to join the t…
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@TheSimsSatire Also it’s dumb to do that considering some people can only play a certain amount of packs bc they do…
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RT @Stevie_bucket: There’s no need to apologize when you evolve past people’s comfort zone.
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RT @bobsandbooks: Wowies you lovely people. 📢4000 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY📢 To win Magpie and chickpeas.. 📢 Follow/be following 📢RT 📢Comment…
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RT @souljaboy: Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you.
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RT @PopCulture2000s: 6 years ago, scream queens premiered on fox. this show was too ahead of its time for certain people.
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@SoloFlow786 People have a way of coming together to complain, right?
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Some People Should Just Trade Their Hands In For Cups #BUMS
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i only date trans people
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@_LOBOTOMYtv @ImperialHal I actually enjoy his personality tbh. A lot of people say he's extremely toxic but like,…
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