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@TekkenLil Good advice :D The ultimate goal is progression, winning and losing is now something people shouldnt solely focus on.
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@GTWScar I stand with HEP, but I enjoy watching the resistance as well.. People are just weird for taking it too se…
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RT @cherdi0r: Black people dying all over the world for wanting change and justice.
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RT @cherdi0r: Black people dying all over the world for wanting change and justice.
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Someone once said “Idk how to let go of people I love until I completely hate them” and I felt that
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RT @Stfu_Anajai: Butter pecan is not old people ice cream 🤷🏽‍♀️ it's top tier
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RT @renoomokri: You can only progress in life when you surround yourself with those who talk about ideas, vision and progress. If y…
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RT @BrandonDHowell: Maybe it's just me, but pointing out that the volunteer was in the placebo group seems pertinent. Unless you're j…
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We implore our leaders to be in direct conversation with the communities most impacted by this crisis and to suppor…
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RT @segal_eran: When the 2nd lockdown was imposed, many were skeptical, because it was less tight to begin with, and because people…
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RT @sahilkapur: STAHL: What about people with pre-existing conditions? TRUMP: I’ll protect it. Will be totally protected STAHL: H…
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RT @orangebook_: People who react emotionally are convinced they’re good people, when it’s usually the opposite.
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@YesThatAnna Constant gaslighting, political corruption, and partisan politics on major platforms don’t help. Peopl…
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RT @PeterObi: It is evident that our enemies have infiltrated peaceful #EndSARS protests, and they are now using it to kill and h…
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RT @BigDaddyChunLe1: One day this Nation is going to boycott us (The North) and move forward and guess what!!!!!!! I’ll follow the Nati…
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RT @kimjenknee: the posts of those stylists who were standing up for irene and some people who’ve already worked for her which also…
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im also dying because I dont even think I noticed the people outside the first time I went through, Marble just ran…
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they didnt called me people pleaser for no reason @TXT_members @TXT_bighit
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RT @SuperXOXOstar: Rupanya we don't need politicians. We just need people with good heart like ustaz ebit lew.
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