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Depression isn’t always sadness. Depression is an illness and it should be treated as such. People with depression…
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i REALLY hate these kinds of people, expecting you to change to cater to them, fucking dickheads
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RT @movbsta: people really come into your life and just waste the fuck out of your time😭😭😭
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RT @MilesJohnston: Erased by the light. Drew this feeling sentimental one morning, even our most private and intimate moments are slow…
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RT @Unathi_Kwaza: Corruption and evil is everywhere in this ANC government. The poor are affected the most. Black people in charge of…
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RT @NaveedAJamali: Why is it that the “you must comply with police orders” people are the same ones who don’t want to follow mask wearing rules?
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RT @Ben_Jolly_9: Imagine the media storm if Jeremy Corbyn, when he was leader of the Labour Party, decided to snub the funeral of a…
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@AminahHughes @MichealMartinTD @LeoVaradkar I've only heard of HSE staff and older people getting the Pfizer. The r…
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If people refuse to understand the characters and their reasons and motivations theres nothing the author can do to…
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@redditinvestors Money printing creates asset price inflation as people look for cash flow producing property to be…
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@iKarachiwala U wont believe how people badmouth Khan in whatsapp groups and praise 2nd grade ministers. Yet those…
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@ProfBlacktruth Prof, that way, black communities are starved of resources and zero infrastructure. That forces bla…
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RT @arieffyong: Lets not normalise kissing other people’s babies. Tqvm
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People shouldn’t have to cry for help to get help
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@TeamPelosi Democrats are for the people. Republicans are not.
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RT @emializh: that trans people are still less than 2% of the us population — less than the left-handed or redheads — really brin…
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i keep letting people back into my life who have no fucking right being there
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Just be you're self, don't mind other people
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RT @UnusualPoems: learn to be done with people. not mad, not bothered, just done. —notapoem
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RT @threadreaderapp: @AllergyWhispers Namaste, the unroll you asked for: People who do not know much about autism, often make the mistak…
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