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Is there a more effective communication tool than a #baby’s cry? If so, I’m not sure I’ve heard of it. #parenting…
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@a_ma_ka These are all based on emotions. You can be an expert in a field, your gender has nothing to do with it. T…
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@TheOnlyWB_ The same way only babies can talk about pediatrics. 😩🚮
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Pediatrics - 'Hunt, Gather, Parent' Offers Lessons Collected Around The World - Help by Sh…
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RT @GurkiratKaurK: So grateful for the opportunity to complete my medical education and now part of my Pediatrics residency training i…
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International Conference on Pediatrics, Perinatology and Child Health visit: #Pediatrics…
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ADHD What Every Parent Needs to Know American Academy of Pediatrics Michael I Reiff 97815…
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RT @GIMJournal: #Newbornscreening improves outcomes of children with fatty acid oxidation disorders
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1-Anesthesia 2-Psychiatry 3-Family medicine 4- Pediatrics✅✅✅✅✅✅
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Fighting Stigma : Units - Pediatrics and Child Health - Sections - Neonatology - Clinical Guidelines Folder: Units…
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apparently that thing they wrap around your arm for drawing blood is called a tourniquet. anyway i had a real funky…
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I am alive again Pediatrics freeeeeeeeeeee
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TENDERS: Borno State Government- Invitation To Tender For The Construction Of Obstetrics & Gynecology And Pediatric…
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RT @DGBassani: How the reviewers allow this to pass is beyond me. Not a single line describing the denominators in 2019 compared…
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PRK Hospitals provide comprehensive healthcare services for women and children practicing the highest levels of ski…
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#autism prevalence is 1/100 says many official bodies. #autismmyths. decide for yourself (1/40) #Autism
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@pediatrics_jp 心筋炎でなければ良いのですが💦
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JAMA Pediatricsから。これまでの研究結果を補強する報告。学校閉鎖は新型コロナ流行にあまり影響を与えない - #小児感染症科医のお勉強ノート
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Mental illness among children could transpire to poor health later in adulthood, study finds…
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