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RT @Dog_Core: Me: :( My fursona, Dee: *gets snout stuck in the peanutbutter jar* Me: :)
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Der Ärger began heut früh. Budni hatte Peanutbutter! Schmeckt leider nicht. Musste ich was mit backen. Jetzt ist mir n bisschen übel.
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@CapehartJ That's just wrong. Peanutbutter and baloney sandwiches with a teeny bit of cinnamon fried like a grilled…
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@yungcybot also b&j ist nur peanutbutter cool, aber queen wow lass mich das kurz verarbeiten 🥺
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Me: :( My fursona, Dee: *gets snout stuck in the peanutbutter jar* Me: :)
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@PiriPoram Glaub es gibt ein altes Rezept von Elvis, banana-peanutbutter-sandwich, in Memphis konnte man das in den…
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RT @YourAnonCentral: Calling all #OpFanCam armies: The Trump loyalists, fascists, and Nazis have created a hashtag called #EXPOSEANTIFA…
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@DominicCardy @misty_sues @prof_brunt @IAMWRITE @Insurance4uNB The reason it failed is because half an hour pure pr…
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@20Jens10 @schweingehabtxx Das stimmt. 😂 Vielleicht ist er auch Mr. Peanutbutter.
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@Fit_Nube_ If you add peanutbutter and oatmeal and a banana for example you really dont taste the eggs .
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@GloriousAllianc Afternoon,G! I would like some eggs and a peanutbutter and jelly scone and who could pass up coffe…
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RT @NaoCasanova: Todo en el desierto de Bisti Badlands en Nuevo México es surrealista y fotogénico. Pero la formación geológica más…
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@MollyJongFast @CapehartJ Add peanutbutter and you have my ex-brother-in-law’s favorite sandwich
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@flybaby014563 Easy plain pork rinds and vanilla bean ice cream. Thai chili paste and peanutbutter.
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@ElboSurvives @hufco60 I lived on cold spaghettios from a can and peanutbutter sandwiches ... when I was super broke
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New Protein #PeanutButter and More #newfoodproducts @Skippy
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Peanut Butter Brownie Pizza is one of the best kind of dessert pizza ever made! #pizza…
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Soñé que Mrs.Peanutbutter quería comprar mi casa.
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@hanyuchopin it's not really common in germany, not even that many people here eat peanutbutter regularly lmao
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@LinusTech It's a peanutbutter and soy sauce sandwich
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