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Researchers are considering the treatment of lung cancer by using an inhalant to administer #Cannabinoid-loaded nan…
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RT @PrintTheDefense: @CtrlPew @RoboMattias With over 1kg of payload capacity, and a total cost of ~$120/unit... The drone Lego set can b…
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#Electric payload: These 5 trucks will change America
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RT @VK_Intel: 2020-02-21:🆕👾#Dridex Loader "ldr.exe"|♒️Botnet ID "40300" 🔩First Layer: 91.211.88. 122:443 107.161.30. 122:8443 18…
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The Ilysuhin Il-76TD has a max payload of 60,000 kg. Multiply that by the number of flights from UAE to Libya/ Egyp…
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@JulesSalomez I agree. Looking less likely as time goes on. Worst case: engineered with some secret payload that m…
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@rezbx payload tumne khela tha mere sath jab new update ayi thi tb?
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@redbullgaming @vibinwithviolet oh we’re taking the payload all the way.
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@DF_Taimou 5 man team Hanzo ULT from spawn to payload?
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RT @SpaceflightNow: The classified US government surveillance satellite set for launch Jan. 10 from California’s Central Coast has been…
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Shuttle Orbiter Payload Bay 【noun】シャトル軌道船貨物室
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RT @SnakeEater27219: I will post the complete thread on Saturday or Sunday, it will includes all types of missile tests date wise till p…
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Mike Bloomberg needs to drop a MASSIVE PAYLOAD of ass-berning, thermonuclear television bombs on Sanders.
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@EmberFirehair I remember when I used to get so much shit for putting bastion on the payload. I’d ask a rein to com…
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I will post the complete thread on Saturday or Sunday, it will includes all types of missile tests date wise till p…
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@gaaaaaaaabri A mi ya me tira bastante bien el overwatch, cuando quieras movemos la payload
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There is a long history of these Orb like objects falling from the sky, what is their payload do you suppose?
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RT @OddAlchemist: Message received. She will see the payload safely through the Savalirwood. #Criticalrole #criticalrolefanart lv.…
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@dex_eve This deepens my suspicion that they are some sort of field loading system. Notable features of the myster…
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RT @DouglasLoverro: I am excited to announce that our CubeSat Launch Initiative has selected 18 miniature satellites from 11 states to…
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