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nigga I am giving you 30 seconds I am not paying with you today
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RT @_____Astrid: i never realized how expensive i was until i started paying my own bills 😭
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@ACTFibernet @lasaniayunus Out of 10 speed checks 5 are < 2 mbs. Dnt understand what I am paying for.
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Other’s has a job, paying bills and are not depending on anyone but you are the total opposite because of your own laziness
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RT @CoriTomorrow: I expect the loyalty niggas give their barber. No cheating. Showing up on time. Paying me a little extra for squeez…
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@barrioman71 @davidmercardo @SpiritAirlines Flights are 400 and up. You paying for it???
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NEED PROMOTION? Stop over paying for promotion. Daily Music promotion for $0.33 per day. 50million to 75million…
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RT @WhiteHouse: For the first time in history, we'll fund good-paying jobs to replace every lead pipe and service line in America.…
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RT @Torey_T: #McCarthyIsATraitor - if you don’t think this is one more giant step towards fascism you’re not paying attention.
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RT @iwalover13: @Ellie_A113 Sakusa and Atsumu keep sending each other videos for the next few months. One day, Sakusa walks into hi…
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Best for finslaves, in the long run, to forget about cumming. Your sexuality is paying. End of story. #findom…
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@GoodHumorGrl The people who think Scylla is all bad are as obtuse as the people who think Alder is selfish and bad…
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RT @_____Astrid: i never realized how expensive i was until i started paying my own bills 😭
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RT @AkbaruddinIndia: First things first…. A leader who usually began @UN activities … by paying obeisance to India’s national flag 🇮🇳…
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Well, the green knight, while not perfect was mostly enjoyable. Only one groan worthy scene with a character bluntl…
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@Adam_Creighton Again and again, NSW is paying for not using its measures quick enough, this is exasperated by the…
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RT @sankofa_bird: Y’all… we’re not paying attention and they are banking on it because we think California is a Blue State, ain’t no…
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RT @_alllaboutB: i hate paying rent.
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@NancyKottke @drsimonegold They will be doing the same with military. Saves them from paying retirement, but at wha…
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RT @ananavarro: As a Floridian, I listen to scientists and pay attention to number of cases and hospitalizations, not politicians.…
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