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RT @hvgoenka: Those living in the past- it’s over, you can’t do anything about it. Those living in the future- it may never be th…
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RT @EVB221: Granted, thermal anomalies are not always fires. The pattern over the past week can tolerate a few errors without a…
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But also, can this man Kawhi get a call ? lol he’s been getting hand checked left and right the past few games
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RT @ActorSriman: TO WORK WITH Super STAR-its every actors dream, it was my dream too, for past 25 years I was WAITING for a good rol…
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RT @KylaGraceP: A personal choice. I am excited to say that I co-endorse @CoryBooker and @JulianCastro. It has been an important de…
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@alizeyrocha I wanna just buy both but I've spent so much money the past 3/4 days i can't justify it skdjksbs
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RT @PlayOverwatch: Confront the past. In VALKYRIE, a new Overwatch short story, Mercy wrestles with whether she should join the fight…
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RT @craigsmorgan: One last note: I had an incident w/a chair tonight in the Caps press box. It wouldn’t lower. After multiple attempt…
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RT @famouslos32: DLo really been green the past 2 games 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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RT @fatimafarha_: I’ve realized this past year that the major reason why BTS army get upset over certain outcomes/situations, whether…
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にゅるにゅる すげー!
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RT @AdinaReu: I’m so freaking entertained by today’s #DAYS episode. It’s so good! Loving this 1 year time jump and the flashbacks…
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RT @famouslos32: DLo really been green the past 2 games 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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RT @famouslos32: DLo really been green the past 2 games 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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I’m always so on edge when I see an MGK fake because it could be someone I’ve met in the past who I’ve had issues w…
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RT @Fact: The past remains the past. We can learn from it, but we cannot change it. - George R.R. Martin
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If you feel you can’t match my energy and you drag yourself down instead of trying to rise with me, fuck you. It’s…
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RT @phillamarr: In honor of my uncle and namesake PFC Phillip LaMarr (1947-1966, Bronze Star, Purple Heart) - a heartfelt thank you…
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RT @msMorgan1968: ❤️UPDATE ON #RAMSEY #A318927 Now named EZRA & very loved. After living such an awful life he is now learning what l…
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RT @ChrisHaganIndy: Over the past 2 days I’ve watched no-name kickers picked up mid-season by the Falcons and 49ers deliver with no problems whatsoever.
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