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RT @kookiezandmilk: got my soundcheck pass ahhhhh
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@paulkrugman Texas is a tax haven and the real issue is that the state cannot even pass a national standard for pub…
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We'll show 6 replays for this but not one for the pass on 4th down. #TheGame
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RT @phadeee_: These new skins are too dope to pass up on! Let me help you get one👇 🏆x2 Hero Skin Giveaway🏆 2 random ppl from t…
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Norris all alone takes the pass but he's shut down by Mettam racing out and making the save
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RT @kookiezandmilk: got my soundcheck pass ahhhhh
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RT @AnonymeCitoyen: Images de la grande manifestation à Pointe-à-Pitre en #Guadeloupe contre le pass sanitaire, l'obligation vaccinale…
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RT @DubreuilhMarcel: Le #PassSanitaire c'est terminé, #Veran ne le dit pas mais c'est un pass vaccinal et la #3emeDose devrait mettre la…
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RT @Amy_Siskind: It's hard to rev up and motivate the base, when Democrats in Congress have been out of session for 23 of the past 2…
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RT @YomaNakano: @StikZTV @MrConfident10 IN MY DEFENSE! When I do it I'm either multitasking or just about to crash and pass out for…
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@expertlivet @maxkeiser No vax pass. No Covid test required for entry. Everyone basically expects you to use co…
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@AdamTTU1981 No Cumbie needs to start the right QB and score points. Period. He doesn’t get a pass with me when he has complete control.
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RT @kookiezandmilk: got my soundcheck pass ahhhhh
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@GaccioB Bonjour Bruno. Merci d'être un des seuls dans l'élite médiatique à prendre position contre le pass sanitai…
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RT @EnModeMacaron: Manifestation absolument considérable à Pointe-à-Pitre contre l’obligation vaccinale et le Pass Sanitaire!💪 Regard…
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Touchdown pass to Hamilton with 28 seconds left, Notre Dame goes ahead 34-31.
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This is me today!!! If u see me say hi i have some goodies to pass out, will probably be around the PTD sign:) see…
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RT @Poulin2012: ❌ Ce n'est ni un vaccin ni un pass sanitaire de statut sérologique qui conditionnent nos droits fondamentaux. Comm…
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Bad pass by Stroud there, but I get why they rushed the snap considering how Michigan wanted a review on the Smith-…
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RT @sbell021: Unbelievable. He dropped the fourth down pass and it wasn’t reviewed.
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