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RT @BBCWorld: Mont Blanc glacier at risk of collapse forces dozens to evacuate in Italy Alps
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RT @ditcaldwell: Great to further partner with the @IndianaUniv community...first @IUVentures and now the IU Angel Network!…
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@jana__ang @robin_brune @EU_Commission @BMISprecher Exactly! Visa requirements still exist and those traveling for…
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RT @MaS1banda: For ease of reference, his name is Nathan Engelbrecht & he is the co-founder of Ayanda Capital. Yes, he really name…
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@MattSibson hey can i be your duo partner??
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RT @brysonadahcole: If you want a peaceful relationship, remove your eyes from your partner's phone.
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RT @bbcrussian: Дегтярев предложил хабаровским чиновникам снова летать бизнес-классом. Фургал это запрещал
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RT @TheRealPCB: We welcome @lifebuoysoap as the Official Hygiene Partner of the Pakistan Men's National Cricket Team for the tour o…
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RT @theisyraf: If your partner have give you another chance, please appreciate her / him because another chance never will same like first chance.
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@bruvaho @HananeLlo HAHAHA good one. Nee nee, hangt af van partners sommige vinden dat ok en kunnen ermee lachen so…
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RT @nrsylvh: tbvh even in reality to have such supportive in-laws that is willing to sincerely help salvage your marriage is suc…
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RT @VenturesDomain: @kodkod87 @klee10888 @NYCPBA @NYCMayor @NYCCouncil Resisting police may involve the suspect taking the gun of cop a…
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RT @BBCWorld: China Uighurs: A model's video gives a rare glimpse inside internment
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RT @mairanizm: baru 4 hari masuk campus coursemate i dah ada partner um I never thought that it would be that easy eh semudah menyedut hingus HAHAHAH🤡👍🏻
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Eto talaga yun eh HAHAHHA partner!! @SB19Official #TMFunSagadWithSB19
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RT @ShounenEmperor: " It wasn't that he was the first friend I'd made.... He was a partner. "
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RT @BBCHindi: बाबरी मस्जिद का ताला राजीव गांधी ने किसी डील के तहत खुलवाया था?
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For today's #FamilyFriday we want to highlight the @KSU_Foundation. The KSU Foundation is K-State's strategic partn…
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@seongminjkt gimana pun jg dia oc. butuh partner yg sejalur, biar enak ngeplot segala macem. padahal gue ada akun o…
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My sis wanna work where I’m working but @yeahthatspooh_ why they got so much mf drama in my pod smh my supervisor w…
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