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RT @JAYPLOOKS: this part keep getting better and better
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The most beautiful part of my day is when I sleep and dream . I’m removed from this world we live in .
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RT @evoxao: c trop dur de choisir un cadeau pour un homme wsh ils aiment quoi à part mentir
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RT @EIMOHMOHPHYU1: Locals and students held a protest against Dictatorship's slavery education system in the eastern part of #Dawei…
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This but with two gfs and two (part time) jobs 🙃 Not giving pals, exercise, sleep and sanity as much time as they n…
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RT @ErinInTheMorn: LGBTQ people, I highly suggest NOT taking part in your company's Pride initiatives unless they have made very stron…
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RT @f_philippot: On nous parle d’un Pass sanitaire pour les jauges supérieures à 1000 personnes. Ce qui est déjà absolument inadmiss…
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RT @ArtsCouncilNI: Today, as part of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we are highlighting @OutburstArts Outburst Arts is all about making s…
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RT @MasterCoin_: Spread the good news with high-tech master coin, Bring you to advance future into abundant! be a part of Master Coi…
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RT @VenomMovieNews: I strongly believe this scene is going to replicate this part from Lethal Protector #1. #VenomLetThereBeCarnage
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THIS PART TALAGA 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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just watched the last part of ridin...but like...does mk have lines?? maybe its bc i missed most of the song
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RT @_z3nni: hi guys🧚🏾‍♂️ for my dissertation I’m looking for UK based participants (over 18) to take part in a test and questio…
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i honestly really like this part bc yunie’s vocals are really good here 🤩
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love this part so much, such a combo of leader and captain 🤩🤟🏻
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Round 3 of 👑dom will be fxckin LIT. Both part 1 and 2! i just know it! it's iKON's time to shine
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RT @LawrenceSellin: Wuhan's multi-institutional (also Zhongnan Hospital) role in #COVID19's laboratory origin is embedded in a secret m…
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RT @Nanjala1: (The hardest part of doing anything in Kenya? Quality control. The amount of effort that goes into asking service p…
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RT @Wn8Im1pvAHB7rlf: REQUEST #SixTONES @MTV #FridayLivestream ✨ Special month ✨ SixTONES´s music has become an indispensable part of o…
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