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RT @thatlaurasmyth: Arthur’s law ensuring no parent who kills their child is let out of prison?! How about flood social services and th…
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RT @nut_fire: hot take, too much gaslighting from a parent as a child turns you into an argumentative person desperate to prove y…
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How do unfit parent’s justify that they’re child who gave you their illness was because they ‘are kids’ and not bec…
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RT @carrinth: Neon J strikes me as the type of parent that keeps passport pictures of his kids in his wallet to show coworkers.
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RT @amaliarppp: @noveraCR karena being a parent gak ada sekolah resminya. semua dituntut buat belajar, trials and errors, learning…
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No parent should ever have to bury their child.
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RT @phashake1: I Once stole Principal's cap and my father went to parent's meeting wearing it. I'll never forgive that dude 😭
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RT @catmutha: This time last year my dad was in hospital (cancer not covid) and he died on 4th January alone with no family able…
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@Shadow0pz @jetpackxmas I suspect you of being a good friend & parent at the very least.
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Parent Claims Someone At Obama Global Prep Academy Vaccinated Her 13-Year-Old Without Permission: by Kendall Tietz…
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RT @phashake1: I Once stole Principal's cap and my father went to parent's meeting wearing it. I'll never forgive that dude 😭
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RT @ADHDEdmonton: ⏰ REMINDER! Parent support group meeting tonight!⏰ - #yeg #adhd #edmonton
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@Ivanabreakfree This makes me SO ANGRY!!!!!! I'm not a parent & always thought I'd be a bit rubbish but I would be…
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RT @FestusGreen: He saw the severity of the child's health, but told Sylvester's parent that it was a football injury? The Resident…
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RT @RyanKellyMusic: …. in saying that, I think I’d a pretty good reason for being behind in the tree countdown…I was meeting the most a…
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@EdmondSchools a parent called crying about a political flag on my truck. Edmond Public Schools tried to violate M…
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@JeremyTate41 No way! So a child who has a parent that doesn't have to work and can teach them 1:1 does better? Crazy!
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RT @SamuelOtigba: Stumbled on this on IG. This is how every parent should show up for their kid(s) when they are bullied. 👏🏿
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@NicolePikapi I have! That’s the worst part of it, it’s even worse bc the parent works in the childcare aware progr…
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