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On Friday the Class of 2020 graduated. And we're celebrating as many of them as possible. Congratulations to Lyna…
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RT @TrollFootball: If you know any parent who has allowed his child to become an Arsenal fan then report it to police. That's child abuse.
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Just throwing this out there: can anyone direct me to any resources about parenting as a parent with OCD and/or sen…
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@ComePierrette @lamainverte237 Ça peut être un « traumatisme » pour des enfants en bas âge mais la vie de la mère/p…
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Parent-based intervention helps reboot healthy eating habits in child cancer survivors
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RT @OSPyoutube: Look, I'm not a parent, and I'm barely out of school, so this might be naïve bravado on my part - but do NOT send y…
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RT @msbigmilk: quick thread. let me tell you guys about the trash that is the @KCSteaks’ parent company, National Beef, the 4th la…
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RT @AliTriox: Me as a parent
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@tyraaidrus Kan takde istilah lah umur berapa berapa parent tak strict dah 😂
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RT @lollujo: For years people moaned that I didn’t use parent clubs in FM. Now I’m finally using one, and people are moaning tha…
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@Maxandmoi I bet this birth parent was a chop premier member cooking all the dinners for the kiddos in the summer of love
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RT @OSPyoutube: Look, I'm not a parent, and I'm barely out of school, so this might be naïve bravado on my part - but do NOT send y…
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RT @autum__rose: Imagine having a step parents that gets along with your bio parent lol
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This morning @xtrackerx sent us this @Punknews review like a proud parent showing us our clipping from the local pa…
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A mother of no substance or example as an honest parent participating in scams with her own children.Disgusting
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RT @Ohhhhhh_ASHLEY: A parent knowingly dropped off their Covid positive child at daycare because they had to work.
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RT @PolicyLabCHOP: As #childcare centers reopen in #PA, we know parents have questions about safety. 🏫 How do I know if my child care…
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RT @hoechandria: totoo nga na the stronger the parent-child relationship, the better the upbringing. kaya di na nakakapagtaka how pu…
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Parent, parente, investissez dans les jeux, ça coûte pas si cher.
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