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My sons commentary while watching #SPWShadows is the best. On @MacBombPro-“Hes got green pants. He looks like the J…
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@RudyGiuliani Rudy, you getting into Biden's half a brain?....... You can't even get into the pants of a 15 year ol…
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RT @Tbone7219: It breaks my heart that kids these days will never feel the humiliation of being dragged through Kmart wearing cord…
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RT @frankzulla: If you never wore matching blue sweat shirt and pants on a "date" in 5th grade to the county fair where you won a M…
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RT @SteveMartinToGo: I’m an active 75 year old, yet I’m thinking of letting go of stretch pants.
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its almost my birthday and that means i can draw myself as much as i want its the return of the batman pants
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Just realised that my Uniqlo heat tech, Uniqlo fleece lounge pants and some random jumper I bought from the local J…
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RT @littlefurykitty: This bloke is brilliant, goes shopping in tesco without clothes, as clothes are not essential according to Welsh f…
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@hirasawa_lui yes some people have them in their pants too
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Women's Comfortable Elastic Running Pants #walkingstreet #fitforthefuture
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I got my penguin pj pants on with my Dodger jersey 💙
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RT @KKcyberia: is there any better dopamine release out there that rivals the feeling of coming home and taking your pants off??…
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@Nudiustertian_1 @urbanferaldruid @CTGauss And tell me, Fluffers Pants, how does that make you feel?
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@heidimur Enough of his rubbish..he's said for a week things will be changing and craps his pants with one small outbreak...pathetic
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not me rippin my pants at workkkkkk LMAOOOOO
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RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Joe Biden insults Pennsylvanians who don't support him, calls them "chumps.” He has the same disdain for hard worki…
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@KellyO People that worked with him on The Apprentice say he regularly shit his pants.
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RT @davidbix: The Borat 2 Giuliani scene/Project Veritas comparisons are...concerning. The point is that Borat's daughter didn't…
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RT @wonubliss: dokyeom stood up when they asked who are the top3 visuals in svt ... heechul was like 'oh dokyeom too?' dk said, he…
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