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Susan Collins, you wouldn't have to feel so DAMN sorry for the shitty shape America is in if YOU AND ALL THE OTHER…
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@NYDailyNews Nice try but this is just pansy-a'd media doin' what pansy-a'd media does: publish a bunch of 🐂💩 hopin…
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@MayorFrey Call 311 but don’t call in the NG? You’re a pansy-a$$ joke
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@mghughesnc @CrackerBarrel Good to know you are a pansy-a$$.....since the left has stirred up all this violence lately, he might need it.
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Second Amendment is vital to be able to protect our Constitutional Republic, our Constitutional Liberties Our Cons…
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Not even the pansy-a$$ Republicans. Can our @POTUS get some HELP??
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