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“Why are you always so high-strung?? Someone needs to learn to have some fun~” Her head tilted forward, a few kiss…
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@Odysseus_Says Pulling herself away from the wall she pulled her pikes free from her palms
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Don't miss the latest news from Church of the Palms! Today's issues includes a guest commentary by Hank Herns. Re…
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RT @spacejam_kam: I may be wrong, but for me, this is the first time I'm seeing an anime acknowledge lighter palms on Black people an…
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@ReporterRetired I live in fear of it... and something deep down tells me when that crucial moment comes... it's go…
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RT @HokutoAndy: JoJo stands appeared in 1989, after Fist of the North Star started showing battle aura as war gods. Oraoraora'ing…
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@stephhdeaf Rapper Weed by SiR Pressure in my Palms by Amine Unlocked (Album) by Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats
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My palms are itching.
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@TyLewis67922984 29 Palms! Paradise on Earth
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RT @JustBella: Science is fascinating ❤️ #ScienceMatters A Long-Lost Legendary Roman Fruit Tree Has Been Grown From 2,000-Year-O…
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*She has her back turned to the reader. She's staring at her palms, which were covered in bandages. Her wings were summoned, too.*
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@thekoihoi Inoli 👉👈
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@emoslutbag there’s a kurt cobain joke in there somewhere but I’m not sure what it is
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Now let's open our scriptures to the book of Palms.... said only Joe🥴🥴
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RT @hanayoritae: danmei characters i consider teeny tiny smols that fit in your palms — xie lian, jing lin, feidu, & anzhe 🥺 #天官赐福…
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RT @g3thaunted: Rubbing my palms anticipating an essay saying that an attractive actor playing an unattractive character is ableist
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RT @Lynne_Jean: Beautiful Bicton Botanical Gardens #bicton #devon #botanicalgardens #palms #giantredwood…
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RT @IPS_PalmSociety: Give the gift of 🌴🌴🌴! Do you have a plant-lover on you Christmas gift list? Give the gift that gives all year long!…
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Just posted a photo @ Isle of Palms, South Carolina
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...unsettled in his mind... Flitting in frantic anguish... A crying wail of grief... to deal with traumatic loss...…
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