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RT @grahamsrenwick: Where it starts > where it ends. #sketchbook #paintings
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RT @surajitdasgupta: … while Allah cannot be depicted in paintings, films, sculpture, etc, the name flashes Arabic calligraphy before th…
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RT @ssoniisshh1: Abstract paintings are made by painters who have no idea on what should they paint. They come up with weird designs…
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RT @FRUlTROLLUPS: anyone else obsessed with Mino's signature on his paintings or are you all normal #Ohnim #startartfair
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"Sometimes words cannot express what we passed through in Libya but Speaking Through Arts gave me another tool to e…
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RT @MoltenImagining: This series of #UFO themed paintings I did for fun doodling onto #encaustic pictures with #posca pens. Today I foun…
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RT @northstardoll: oil paintings by sean armstong
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We sell paintings with confidence, especially paintings of animals and landscapes, and sell them by mail order. Please come to our gallery.
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RT @clairesparkes1: ‘The Jug, the Pot & the Flying Fish’ is another of the 3 paintings I am currently exhibiting with @SGFADrawing at M…
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RT @wxzant: Heejin paintings from this year #HappyHeejinDay #LOONA
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#OTD Oct 19, 1946: The 1st exhibition of the work of Josef Nassy, an American citizen of Dutch-African descent, is…
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RT @selfstyledsiren: "Most of her guests were chosen from the world of the intellect, and they were there because Miriam knew them all,…
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RT @Dayrol: #art #landscape #paintings 🎨 #acrylicpainting #vivid
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Agnieszka Nienartowicz As the artist says, “religion impresses on people as stigmas and tattoos that stay with them…
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RT @etida_et: All of these works are part of the ETIDA collection. My name is TIDA. These works are paintings that I have inspir…
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Absolutely cannot wait! Join me online or in the room at this Thursday’s auction. Checklist: • 23 paintings by…
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RT @LezhinComics: 야화첩 3부 나겸이 완전 귀엽지 않냐 레진 가문 난리 났다 이게 무슨 일이냐 증말!! 3부 바로 보기 👉
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RT @Dayrol: #art #landscape #paintings 🎨 #acrylicpainting #vivid
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RT @Lauren_Sielin: "The Unstoppable Force", 11x8.5'' oil on art board. I hope to do much more loose figure paintings of V1 in the futu…
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RT @99MISFIC: #chenji colors au. chenle believes that his paintings are alive, that somewhere along with those thin strokes of h…
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