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@davidMAKANAKI He was paid £8m and he earns £115k a week. How is that free?
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RT @chrislhayes: They traded the health & safety & lives of Americans for this. That is the price we've paid for this bargain. The…
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RT @4mercy3: @Christo41978344 @MadamZolar @realDonaldTrump Why are you blaming Trump for failed democrat mayor's, governors, BLM…
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This is an atmosphere where things are manifested, whether you need healing, rent to be paid, favour to be manifest…
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@annamalai_k @JuniorVikatan Please teach these paid media a lesson sir.
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RT @chelleandmaisie: Don’t even know if I can be arsed to watch the second half. I mean, going by that, Bruce clearly paid no attention…
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@davenewworld_2 people don’t get paid enough for this
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RT @AbdulMahmud01: 3) Gov Obaseki. He has shown tenacity. His humility paid off. Time to sign off. Sleep beckons. Good afternoon f…
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RT @United_MUF_C: @RedDevilBible Lindelof absolutely shocking, but maguire thinks he’s performance went unnoticed we paid 80 million…
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RT @CREWcrew: Throughout Trump’s career in reality television, Kodak paid for coveted—and expensive—promotional spots on NBC’s Ce…
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RT @Deligracy: Anyone who gets a period should have a paid day off work, once a month.
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RT @dannellamunoz: Life hack: if you trade in a car and you had add ons like tire and wheel protection, service contract etc that you…
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Tributes paid to 'selfless' Battle of Britain heroes on anniversary
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RT @YGODDESSTAN: yes jihoon we can all see that your pilates sessions paid off VERY MUCH.
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@BILLWALSHTV @Live5News All I can think about is them poor under paid workers on these boats !
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RT @YGODDESSTAN: yes jihoon we can all see that your pilates sessions paid off VERY MUCH.
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RT @BBCAfrica: "I woke up screaming." A @BBCPanorama investigation has found organ traffickers in Egypt are arranging illegal kid…
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RT @iingwen: I paid a visit to #Taiwan’s world-leading bicycle brand @ridegiantbikes to learn more about their story of innovati…
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@Melo_Nin_King Great player and think they paid about 3 million, what a bargain
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RT @itsxcamilla: Big Collab Giveaway! 2 Winners! 😱 1st: Mermaid Halo 2020 2nd: Any paid apps on any device for free • Any paid apps!…
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