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RT @_Teajahlashae: My foot is on my own neck I’m not playing with myself anymore
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Federal lawmakers take NCAA's broken system into their own hands via @Yahoo
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RT @Rachael_Swindon: Apparently Labour stalwart, Luke Akehurst, just failed to receive the nomination for the NEC from his *own CLP*.…
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RT @RilwanLucas: Barca shud of knew they were in trouble when alaba was laughing at his own goal loooooooooool
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RT @angryblkhoemo: Let's boil this shit down to what it really is You have to cling to the lie that the crime bill initially had wide…
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@TrollFootball I wish it will be city 😂😂 maybe their own will be 10
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@overdesigned Yes. Own it.
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Like they were so all-in on the cult mentality of what a genius he was they needed him to provide them with their o…
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RT @kingtochee: If there was a second leg e go pass Arsenal own
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@Ashlynn06132688 it's kind of like cosplay, where you get to act like a different person, but instead it's your own character
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@LebedevVitaly3 $30B too high for me reason I own puts on $MRNA but yes $CVAC has room to move higher
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RT @Arifnaveed0: And these Barca fans were Trolling Real Madrid lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Don't Troll Anyone When Your Own level is Shit #FCBFCB
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RT @GovCTW: .@realDonaldTrump is once again attempting to abuse the power of his office to undermine democracy. Each time this…
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RT @runDEVINrun: Buy some strawberry fabric and make your own Oh you can't just magically know how to sew a dress that fits and dra…
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@AngrierWHStaff @Docziggy The people of@this country can fight this. We can make our own postal service. We can g…
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RT @GeorgePapa19: Clinesmith tried setting me up and now due to his own deception got indicted and had to plead guilty. He will be th…
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RT @smilinggetsmeby: I live with my girlfriend and we have two completely separate rooms. and bathrooms. we regularly have nights alon…
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Extortion to keep people in line! Very 1984! California look at your own incompetence! Your state was failing long…
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RT @AiDevil666: @RealEyeTheSpy He's also been pretty vocal about corruption in Hollywood and has gone his own direction with his ow…
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@rcketbarrage I agree. No remake is going to be as good as the original. The original is so much its own thing that…
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