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RT @xocvbox: I HATE romantic gestures out of guilt or other negative emotions.
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RT @mooyeye015: The NEW YORK TIMES talking about best intl tv shows of 2020 and IOTNBO was one of the two kdrama on the list and go…
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RT @MagicJohnson: Everyone now has to watch out for the Wizards! They traded for Russell Westbrook today. A @russwest44/…
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RT @Nottherealjuang: Just started the YouTube channel. Dropped my first video tonight. Shout out to @nappywulf for doing an amazing job.…
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@jdflynn This priest is mentally ill.... Very sad...
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@TAEMINV0RE Hello , I can make u awesome header, check out my work
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RT @CoachAllanB: Gonzaga staff took Jalen Suggs out on his recruiting visit and played 7v7 with him because he was missing football!…
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RT @darealkimoralee: ik bitches be mad when they find out i still fw him😂. sorry its still my turn.
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i just had the best bts dream ever i’ll tell y’all about it after i type it out i definitely don’t want to forget t…
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@HENGCULT yeah exactly i feel bad leaving some of them out but 😞 for curiosities sake who r ur 13 members 👀
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RT @BRATZDOLLKEN: God is real! Because everytime I was down he lifted me up, like all the way up! I’ll never doubt him, I know what h…
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RT @1Obefiend: This guys is the next level manifestation of the dude who shit on “perempuan masuk neraka tak pakai tudung” but end…
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LEMME TAKE U OUT AROUND HERE 💀 (Le couvre feu ça date)
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RT @HEmcees: Pretty good take here. I think both of those guys wanted out and I really don’t think this has much to do with rebu…
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You know what temperature it is, I paid my bills so I peer out from beneath them to homeless people.
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@kvrim6 Nigga tore his Achilles after a heel injury took him out cmon dawg
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@KikiAdine @holywedlook Oh wait are we suppose to be wearing our Bras when we go out , I thought no rules 2020
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This Rockefeller Christmas special is comically depressing. Like 12 people in masks swaying aimlessly to the music…
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@1Guesst @JamesOKeefeIII Don't feel too bad about it though. There's nothing you personally could have done to conv…
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Deadass, if it weren't for the minimal story, Melody of Memory would easily become one of the more underrated KH ga…
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