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Great article on DesignOps. Yes, this is a thing. The decade of Big Ops — the myriad of interconnected ops in a di…
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@NESN This feels like a Betts rebound transaction, if it happens. Will be even more disappointed in the roster man…
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Conservative Group Says They Discovered 150,000 Fraudulent Ballots in WI
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RT @AndrewVachss: Whether it's a clock or a criminal organization, the same rule applies: once you understand how things work, you can make them stop working.
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RT @AgiDamian: Dear Friends, a poor street beggar needs medical treatment. Kindly DM if you or your organization can help. Pls…
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RT @MeghanMBiro: With employee burnout and “always on” mentality on the rise, supporting employee #wellness digitally may seem tough…
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RT @EdimaloE: I am so proud of the Elites. This is definitely the best fanbase ever. Classy Innovative Upwardly mobile Forward t…
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RT @jimmy_koski: Someone gotta snitch on Druski to the PETA organization 😭😭
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RT @MeMyWorld4: I am Devi from Me and My World. We are a community organization of over 8,000 Sex Workers in 9 districts of AP and…
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Great organization needed now more than ever. Make sure the kids in your life know about it
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RT @DeaFlooky: We're currently looking for an organization to represent @EsportsGears in this current season. Our roster is:…
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@stadtstaat @unitas_spiritus "without differences of opinion and different groupings within it" love ignoring the…
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RT @lilbaby4PF: I don’t want to donate to just any organization but I will be letting my fans kno exactly we’re the money goes
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RT @udhan_vishnu: Wake up @NMC_IND be wise, rational & prudent. Lobby is after all a lobby. Lobby can never be loyalist to anyone for…
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RT @jimmy_koski: Someone gotta snitch on Druski to the PETA organization 😭😭
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@LLinWood @realDonaldTrump @BrianKempGA @GaSecofState Follow the Chinese money: Lets do that! Let's start with Mitc…
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RT @MarshallCtyEDC: Marshall County EDC is proud to announce that Mr. Dax Norton will be welcomed as new President/CEO of the organizat…
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@ScoonTv I am one person fam and i don't subscribe to any political party religion or organization. First time hearing of that tho.
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RT @SAP: Simplify integration and transform your organization across cloud and hybrid IT landscapes. Learn to leverage…
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