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RT @appledaily_hk: #Opinion by @KwongGlacier|"And our generation, like many before, will rally together, strive to sweep injustice...…
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RT @ChopineauVince1: @Do_56 @DinoZorn @CelineBeParis Porter plainte pour ça auprès de personne qui partagent l'opinion de la note, ça paraît voué à l'echec.
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RT @LonieChinjong: A ton of people from the NWSW weren’t actually in support of separation, in my opinion. We just wanted the marginal…
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RT @PremiumTimesng: Opinion: Ending SARS by SWATting Citizens Like Flies?, By Ogaga Ifowodo
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RT @lloislanel: Mother and baby home documents should not be ‘sealed’
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RT @osvaldobazan: Hagan paso que la gran @LadyAAmado ahora escribe en @LANACION Y su primera nota desenmascara la cosita esa de la i…
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@paymanabolfathi @RightWingWatch I have a camel and a needle that might say otherwise but to each their own in regards to their opinion.
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@_bains13 My boy said the same thing but I dont really like his sound. Even his old stuff just my opinion
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RT @JDevermont: “A movement cannot spread so organically and widely across #Nigeria if it does not legitimately reflect the grievan…
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RT @irinatsukerman: @Southfive and I co-wrote a piece explaining why the US, no matter which way one stands with regards to #Turkey, sh…
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RT @pseudo_tazia: Unpopular opinion: Online classes are more tiring than the face to face ones
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La estrategia de Casado es clara: hacerse con los cotos de centro del PSOE. En opinión ha calado, veremos en las ur…
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RT @bopinion: In 2010, Turkey’s “Zero Problems” foreign-policy doctrine was the marvel of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.…
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RT @chazfirestone: Absolute 🔥 from @yael_niv: "Behavioral, rather than neuroscientific research, is essential for understanding the b…
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No compatibles | Dulanz sobre pactos con EH Bildu
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RT @EfosaOjomo: A brilliant (and sad) piece about the #EndSARS protests in the @nytimes... By none other than Chimamanda Ngozi Adic…
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Les Misérables lyricist Herbert Kretzmer's words will never die
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It is just my opinion. It is fine you don't agree. I still love @KXnOMorningRush and @1460kxno
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