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RT @JimenezVaron: En el tuit citado por Vivian queda más bien claro que no importa ningún mérito a menos que lo juntes con pensar más…
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Eat at your own risk.
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@vampbaku @hikotaru_ @talamura Didn’t know I needed permission to express my opinion on twitter Also it was a jok…
172 followers     Reply Retweet Favorite @dhruv_rathee Opinion on cityzen amendment bill Must watch
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RT @maitezariello: acaso todavía no se dieron cuenta q su opinión nos re chupa un huevo chicos?🤔
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RT @victorianerafan: "She also soon came to be bothered by the overwork [at McKinsey] and by the reality that most of the projects were…
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RT @IndigoFast: That vote share after 5 seats is now 48.6% Scotland makes me want to cry when exercises its opinion in clear way. Will visit Glenfiddich.
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RT @jacyreese: Tories winning #UKElection may be the only thing that can convince US Democrats: (1) Trump reelection is very poss…
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RT @JohnWDean: Here is the situation. You either impeach Trump, or American democracy as we known it is over. Trump is a king!…
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RT @NewYearsDani: »»if the girls aren’t sitting with their legs closed, boys ask if they want to get pregnant. if the girls’ legs are…
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A good reminder that Twitter can be a real echo-chamber - you see only perspective/opinion of those you follow. If…
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@maddow my public opinion is that wasting my time with these ridiculous amendments after the first couple is juven…
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RT @CNNnews18: #CABPassed - Nighat Abbas (Leader, BJP) shares her opinion. Join @bhupendrachaube on #Viewpoint.
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Big or small their wallet their opinion of the world and what it takes to get them pinnicle happiness dictates the…
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RT @kazweida: Remember when women were too emotional to govern?
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@ConnieSmith92 @DannySE_ @BorisJohnson No one asked for your opinion did they?
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RT @AnthonOwo: Pete Buttigieg is utterly worthless candidate for us. He can't protect black people from #policebrutality. He can't…
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RT @ABetterRepublic: “That pretty much sums up Republicans' defense of their current leader. If they yell loud enough and long enough, w…
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RT @MaddowBlog: "And that is why we endorse a vote to impeach the president. While his removal from office is unlikely, his crimes…
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RT @MaddowBlog: "Congress now has a duty to future generations to impeach him."
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