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RT @EnigmaticGaga: just opened Fever by miss dua lipa and WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS SONG OF THE YEAR MATERIAL SERVE OH WOW...
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RT @janychavanaa: releasing this opened so many doors for me and in me I'm so grateful yo😭
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RT @OpIndia_in: उन दिनों इंटरनेट नहीं था, तो शायद ही यह पता चले कि असल में कितने लोग मरे थे। लेकिन इंदिरा ने रैली में आए 15,000 के…
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RT @AmnestyNigeria: Nigerian authorities still have many questions to answer: who ordered the use of lethal force on peaceful protester…
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@rozzleberry @BornSocialist1 Who opened all these doors for him? and why?
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@yunhoestan @ATEEZofficial I’ve just opened the app and refresh the page HE IS HERE? THE FUCK?
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@chiikodiie Bro na that acting MD NCDC go win am abeg. How do you faint with your eyes opened?? 😹😹💔
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@myntra just received this product today, it's a mask, and the seal was already open, it says do not accept if open…
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스트레이키즈 인생 개봉 앨범 양도합니다 일반반 30 (운미포 장당 0.2) no photocard straykids album opened sell inlife bangchan leeknow chang…
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Not my sister calling me agaracha as she opened the door for me this morning 🥴😂
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RT @LTheatreRhyl: This is the first theatre in the UK built specifically for children. It opened in May 1963 as a home for Rhyl Child…
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We opened up, revealed horrific events, and cried till 3am, it was truly a cathartic session that was long over due…
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One of the owners apprentice has now gone and opened up 3 branches and this is the art of delegation.
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RT @EssexPR: I’ve come home from work tonight and opened my DMs, there’s loads.. Some are so worrying I’m sat here working out i…
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Downtown Quincy restaurant just opened right before COVID-19 restrictions are set to start. The owner said he will…
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RT @Acedouglas1: I opened 2 gifts this morning and they were my eyes. I Appreciate you Lord🤲
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i just opened up a bank account yesterdayyyy🤪
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RT @RPAustralia: "Expectation is high surrounding the long-awaited debut of Tenet, which opened on Thursday (October 29). Christophe…
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RT @GavinNewsom: Today, California opened a NEW state funded #COVID19 testing lab. Tried it out myself. This will: - DOUBLE CA’s t…
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