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wtb these pc 😭 aku bnr" lg collect yangyang but not in a rush sii, if you have any of these pc please dm mee :) ina…
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RT @sugaforeva: Giveaway BE Deluxe album sealed full set + tote bag + freebies unoff pc Like and RT End jumat 29 jan Followers on…
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@StephZaps_art 👀👀👀only the beginning!! congrats!🎉
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RT @JoyceWhiteVance: The GOP argument that Trump's Senate trial shouldn't proceed because he's a former POTUS proves too much. If he was…
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RT @InfidelNoodle: I've been banned by the Islamic Republic of @tiktok_us. I'd nearly hit 15k followers. Not only do ex-muslims face…
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RT @ToiMeetsWorld: Rachel McAdams really gave us The Notebook and Mean Girls in the same year. Legends only.
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RT @NewYorker: Images can transform the world, and the only reason they haven’t yet is because we don’t know how to look at them.
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RT @gtan_uaeTitaG: Don't let your dreams be only dreams. BL STAR TANRONCAL #TanRoncal
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RT @kamleshksingh: Albert looked out the window and saw a couple of constables. Called work to say he couldn't come because he's been…
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RT @Garangan_GA: $7 atau 100.000 IDR (1 pemenang) Atau album only di bawah ini. Nyangkut yok. 😅😅😅😅 Gas aja dulu Sob. Kayaknya menan…
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RT @Unknown39154318: After online classes,there is no justification of physical exams. Online Exams is the only way for Universities to…
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I will not hide my tastes or aversions. I will so trust that what is deep is holy, that I will do strongly before t…
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RT @fuyuki_shorty: Goodnight to armin only 😴💛
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HELLOOOO DOIE ugh if only it was continuous 😑 it would hav been like 40 days w him
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RT @_JolieFilleX: @jadanopinkettt_ Lmfao I honestly don’t know. That’s the only answer I got 🤣
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RT @ezralevant: But you’re lying again. The hospital is clear: he did not die from Covid-19. Why would you lie about a dead young m…
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RT @armypreciousbts: people not only spreading misinformation but also spread their fanfic dreams and project it on the boys as well as…
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RT @4thgenitboy: they performed cwjltma for the first time during their first fanlive... there’s only one song left in m1bh they haven’t performed live yet
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@AOQummies @GayeStepdad The ONLY thing that made me roll my eyes was when he was like: "Luxury is morally repugnant…
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RT @ByeongGyuUpdate: Korea’s favorite TV program no.4 is The Uncanny Counter, its the first time for OCN to be on top 10 Not only that…
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