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I could subsist only without saying in the few minutes after had called; and eager to Marianne, "he says he assured her manner
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@church_nerd2010 @KeytarCatholic Being the only Catholic in my family. My Dads side is full of Evangelicals, my moms side are Masons.
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RT @unotaehyung: you cant blame people who only listen to bts bc they have such a wide range of types of music, you like hiphop? r&b…
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RT @kylegriffin1: Guilfoyle traveled to South Dakota with Don Jr. She was the only person in the group who tested positive. Guilfoy…
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RT @atensnut: President Trump at Mt. Rushmore: “We stand tall...We stand proud... and we only kneel to Almighty God “. AMEN TO THAT.
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RT @jvshgohr: Only quoting this to say soccer girls have been and will always be the baddest no debate
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RT @SuperGops: #StellarLeaderRajini #Rajinikanth - The only hope to save #tamilnadu from evil designs of political parties and gi…
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RT @ThePhanSite: This apparently bares repeating, but please please please don't compare actual trauma inducing events to Persona. I…
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AND in only 3 years too!!! Can’t wait til we receive our matching Nobel Peace Prizes 💛
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RT @awwwnchal: Moving to Toronto for further studies, sadly I cannot take my beautiful Bombay room with me so it’s up for grabs. I…
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RT @LindaLiberty9: Only surprising to those who watch fake news like CNN 🙄🤦🏻
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RT @dbongino: There are many great songs, which mean a lot, to a lot of people, but there is ONLY one National Anthem. The divisi…
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goodnight to sookai only 🥺
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@TS_GYCA if only. THE POWER. 😭
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@CarsonPrince904 They do bring up a good point but like why today? Why only complain on the day we celebrate?
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Okay can we all agree that if you want to be annoying and throw up fireworks you can only do it until 11:30 and you…
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@dumbmen2017 Only if he is “Mature for His Age” 🤣
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RT @GueringerTh13th: ... package (shirt only available in package)
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@smirkalicious Only thing better is naked!! 😈😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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RT @FreeThe350: Today is a historic day! We just bailed out EVERY LAST Black woman in the Dane County Jail who was in there only be…
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