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Your inner compass may be out of whack today. You are at your ... More for Taurus
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RT @RobCohenMD: #JoniErnst played an ad of pigs squealing in pain while being castrated awake as a reason to vote FOR her. She’s n…
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RT @SI_ExtraMustard: Out of all the amazing and heartfelt Kobe stories over the last 24 hours, this one hits different 💔
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RT @Priyank11228390: #Constitution_Of_SupremeGod Dowry should not be transacted in marriage.✴✴ No more dowry than daughter donation or m…
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Congratulations to Merzouk Belazouz of the @RitzCarlton #PentagonCity on being a Hospitality Superstar! Merzouk saw…
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@ulyssesxxx I don't really blame people who voted for brexit, their reasons were many and varied. I do blame those…
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RT @MaziNnamdiKanu: What they failed to add to their banner is "Death to Biafra" because Judeo-Christians, especially Biafrans in Arewa…
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RT @RalfLittle: To clarify. Two Pints is not coming back (as far as I know). Me and Will @Mellor76 are shooting some online content…
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RT @Barclays: NEWS: As part of our SME support package, we’re now offering 0.25% cashback on £450m of loans to eligible UK busine…
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RT @JoeLoudGuy: @ryangrim Now let’s watch the media ask him nothing about this, and still say Bernie struggles on issues of race.
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RT @hemirdesai: @AmitShah Arvind Kejriwal plus point is he speaks lie very confidently n people believe him but this is the only wa…
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RT @ultchanyeolpark: "Chanyeol is a gentle guy. He is really kind & a very considerate person" - Yoora "Soft hearted Chanyeol, I'm alwa…
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RT @drkelseileann: When it comes to grief there is no clear formula. Everyone grieves differently & has different ways of handling the…
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RT @jbfan911: A large boulder the size of a what
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RT @historylvrsclub: London streets after heavy bombing attacks during the battle of Britain in 1940.
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Paige Alms is one of the leading big wave surfers in the world. Crazy. via @wsl
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Our report launch in London! "The value of care: Women’s work and emotional labour" @EventbriteUK
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RT @Gedio10: Happy Birthday to the Little Magician of The Empire! #Shatta_Berry 🎂❤️ More Blessings Princess, You gonna soar high…
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I’m so tired of being sick.
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Keep dragging my name. Idgaf how big you are them hands better match what's coming out of your mouth. Oh shit wait…
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