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@sedmimii @btaun_kyun Hhahaha oye ni ek or baat . Humne bolna * atom is smallest particle of an element* or isne aa…
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RT @OptaJoe: 18 - Ben White made 18 ball carries that ended in a take-on in the Premier League last season; the most of any cent…
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RT @kookdice: so youre telling me jungkook walking freely in hybe building wearing a full set of see through pyjama?!?? [REST]
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An orphaned ant with the capability to fight against lice in the image of doors.
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RT @TheEtubom: I successfully traced the two guys that scammed me of 270k, now it’s left for the police to move in and they’re tel…
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First @ItalianNavy F-35B lands on ITS Cavour in the Gulf of Taranto.
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@phadke_chinmay Very informative thread on Mizo- Assam border conflict .It’s nothing to do with demarcation of boun…
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RT @TaylorOnSport: A perfectly timed right hand from 🇺🇸’s Keyshawn Davis puts 2017 lightweight world champion Sofiane Oumiha of 🇫🇷 on…
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RT @Golu81704202: #GodMorningFriday It Is Written In Yajurved Adhyay 19 Mantra 25, 26that a True Guru will elaborate the incomplete s…
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RT @GaryChappellDE: @Jennifer_Arcuri on @GBNEWS on her message to Boris Johnson: "Tell your people about the meeting with the Bank of E…
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For all those trolling the movement #LAWAN and replying with negative comments. If we don't unite at this point, th…
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RT @AnirudhBondita: Koi bhi trend nhi kar rha mere sath! AURRA FACE OF THE YEAR #AurrishtAsAnidita #AurraBhatnagarBadoni
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@Hotmilf75 Beautiful body and a more beautiful chest I love the beauty of your body, especially from the back
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RT @phibabiekana: Mewgulf going from shyly trying to hide mgpfg by saying a bunch or random things like mewgulf pai philippines gun t…
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RT @Soni__k2: Post Alert Shehnaaz has just BTS video of award show Go like and do comments Link. 👇 👇…
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RT @peterframpton: Those who complain, won't wear masks, won't get vaxed, have caused this new onslaught of Covid and now another potential lockdown.
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Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. -Napoleon Bonaparte
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RT @jadenhng: Basically, Thailand‘s frontline healthcare workers across the country, who haven’t gotten their 1st two shots of “S…
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@034grande035 @Marina080495 After killing 6 police personnels and one Civilian , how you say that Mizoram police wa…
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