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@knanaLyn 😂😂😂😂 now ya know what me tracey and my sister go thru 😂😂😂
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really enjoying the extra weight the question mark in this power point for my europe in global era class has now
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RT @AdamParkhomenko: The death toll has now passed 12,000 and the president of the United States just put his handbag designing daughter…
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RT @madisonpaigesv: *PLEASE RETWEET* my cousin has been missing since April 3rd around 7:40pm. if you see her dm me OR if you know anyt…
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RT @ProfessorAMuse: These are the 5 #Ohio counties, Lake, Geauga, Portage, Medina, & Lorain that the @ThePlainDealer will now ONLY cove…
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He cracks me up RT @JPlaysItCool: 💀💀💀💀💀 This nigga is funnier than 95% of the comedians out right now.
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I reorganized my kitchen pantry. It's so nice to be able to see everything clearly now. Next, the fridge!
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RT @melanatedmomma: realizing that everytime i haven’t set a boundary, i’ve repressed anger. everytime i fail to say no when i want to.…
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@BillEtheridgeuk It was extremely nice! Wife is now complaining about the cabbage reaction though 🤣 well, she made the cabbage 🤷‍♂️🤣
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RT @NevadaElJefe: Phoenix TV - linked to Chinese Communist Party - holds Rotating Seat in White House Press Room -- But Pro-Trump Net…
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RT @__shslprince: [#AITSF] 👁 Preorders for @AITSFzine are now live!! 👁 Here is a preview for my piece, please go check it out!! You…
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RT @Aras_Sivad: I can't wait for the media to stop using "Millennial" to mean "Young Adult" because it doesn't anymore. Now we're a…
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Now everybody knows the event has started, now everybody knows where to go. That's more like it.
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RT @SSWorks: Now more than ever, we need to increase Social Security's modest benefits!
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Going for that 90s glamour shots vibe. Now I go do the dishes.
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RT @ShellKell00: Notice that essentials are now being offered online in #Belfast but at massive markups. Certainly will be convenien…
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RT @theolonzo: OKAY🚨🚨🚨 $5 Giveaway 💰To Those Who Need It Right Now During Qurantine 😷 Must Be Following Me & @Erickadow3120 And We…
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RT @Ebony_QT: I be wondering who’s grandparents are these now.
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RT @mygscene: first yoongi tweeted his written drafts for 134340, the last, and outro: tear and now his posted the guide for sees…
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