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RT @ahmddnl___: Bruh my biceps were on a completely different level than now😭
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RT @kt__ladybug: dainty ☁️baby blue☁️ choker available now!
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@4noura @BeckyCNN Like anti-semitism, jewish victimhood is also a non existent thing in the world now. These things…
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RT @sahouraxo: Huge protest happening right now in Beirut, Lebanon in solidarity with Palestine. #FreePalestine
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RT @SeemaDassi0415: #SolutionForDepression You can get rid out from stress by read this life changing books🙏🙏 Visit Satlok ashram YouT…
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RT @zenzele: (Illegal miners are now digging in the school yard at Maqekeni Primary .They came from Hre driving a white Isuzu wr…
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Monson used to call me daily... I think she’s too cool for me now @monsmaddie14
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RT @CaliforniaBeto: The GQP Leadership is NOT embarrassed by ANYONE! They have continually embraced the NUTBALLS in their Party, and re…
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@RepAndyBiggsAZ Okay now give us the *real* reason you oppose. Is it cause you would wind up in jail?
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The last thing I want is to be in a VIP section with Asymptomatic COVID and the whole VIP section gets sick and OH!…
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RT @OgunderuBecca: Rest now 🙄don’t like a grown ass man acting this way 🤮
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Almost had the giant C in discount tire fall on me today and I’m more upset that I won’t get a big payout now bc I was a foot away 😅
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RT @ajplus: This TikToker went viral after her video showed the difference between Black American Sign Language and American Si…
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DON'T CRY LIKE A GURL! Collect the balls into a fist & follow 💰 @TearOfSatoshi 💷 EARN CASH NOW $luna $ont $chsb…
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Now playing Satan's Sadists / Vietnam... (Cast) / O.S.T.!
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Yeah I wanna talk to somebody right now cause me traumatize yfff a wah really just gwan
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RT @Nigel_Farage: This footage from Golders Green is shocking, provocative and dangerous. The Home Secretary and the police must ac…
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RT @jacobinmag: Israel created the refugees in Gaza that they’re now bombing.
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RT @CondomCoin: “If you're not going to sack it, go home and whack it.” Come join along the condom team now! -2% of coins BURNED🔥👋…
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RT @PrakaEdtis: #SooraraiPottru Nethu night 1:16 Vara trending la irunthan... Today vum nethu pola morng irunthu study ah iruku..…
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