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RT @jnkchanels: rihanna met jennie ariana grande met jenlichaeng chainsmokers met jenlichaeng dj snake met jenchuchaeng pharrell w…
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@chrislhayes @SpeakerPelosi And we have impeachment hearings happening. Maybe you noticed? They were on TV. I'm sur…
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RT @eponawest: have you ever noticed how many white middle class people there are pretending they grew up poor for no reason
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Have you noticed that everything that comes from Brazil is good? The oil of Amazon In Out could not be any differen…
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@ioegreer I'm 29 and I've had them since I'm 20. Luckily they are still just a few hidden greys and they are pretty…
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RT @Wildstyle04: @N1NOBROWN @2_Plates @Fly_Malcolm_X This was the only sign i noticed. Everything else went right past me
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RT @huIadance: i just noticed this is the hi high shorts
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RT @mingyusdan: have y’all noticed how buff mingyu is getting, he’s preparing to meet me, don’t worry i’ll treat him good
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RT @Demand_Voter_Id: Have you ever noticed that no politician that is labeled a RINO ever rebuts. NWO.. the elite on both sides are seei…
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@ComradeEevee why have i never noticed this woman looks like sandra bullock.
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RT @reddogsusie: #TN #MEMPHIS 🆘🆘CODE RED Gomez 2yo boy hw+ #A317173 a sweet boy found stray standing on tippy toes trying to be noti…
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have y’all noticed how buff mingyu is getting, he’s preparing to meet me, don’t worry i’ll treat him good
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RT @fairydinos: noticed that he took off his mic (removed the band behind his ears) and it was so SO cool im getting goosebumps
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RT @ThePerezHilton: I just noticed…. The Rock has way more followers on Instagram than Kim Kardashian! She has 148 million. He has 157 million.
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RT @SanghviRuchika: @oppomobileindia Team very disappointing..You dint mentioned in tnc that you want exclusive showroom of oppo for co…
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@PaigeSpiranac Mid 2000s is when I noticed a change for the worse. I remember when Air Jordan’s were the most expen…
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RT @justjogleason: If you put a potted plant in a room with no window and only watered it every now & then, and noticed it start to wi…
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@deepst8 i just noticed this tweet isnt homoerotic (misread it as esoteric politics guy) and im almost reconsidering that rt
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@TyrantZhin I spent the first 18 years of my life like this... And now I can barely recognise faces, not even some…
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This guy responded to my snap with a picture of himself smiling.. & I don’t think he noticed he had a booger in his nose 😣🤢
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