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RT @dankoogs: This is the bit that does not come under enough scrutiny. They are literally taking taxpayers money and giving it…
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@TelkomZA hi, need help regarding my account with you guys...I'm not winning with you call center.
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@Not_SeikinRL いいよ
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RT @houduh: you cant “this you” me when im pretty as fuck thats not how it works 😂😂
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RT @ClutchPointsApp: [Mamba Post 1/24] 1 year has passed, and it's still hard to believe Kobe Bryant is not with us, even though we fee…
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RT @BritishTitan_: Log off today and come back next year you will still find Tacha on the trend table We are not fading TACHA EMPIRE #BrandsNeedTacha
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RT @hislifeofficial: “The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. He was in the world, and the world was m…
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RT @waltshaub: That’s insane. They’re not moot. He still has the money. When any other federal employee violates the emoluments cl…
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RT @NindaTurtles: Show this to those who said they did not disrespect Indian Flag
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Dear Friends, Add this to your daily prayer list. 👇👇👇 Father Lord, Arise And Tame Every Spirit of Desperation In…
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annoying how twt let me change my dp but not my header so now my layout doesnt even match
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not doing maths today, im a conscientious objector :D
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RT @ArleneBandas: FARR pet day #SpringerNation and not just the cute cats and dogs, but lizards and snakes! What a great time we had…
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idk how i can talk for hrs abt btvs and not say spoilers but i do it and i always am abt to say smthn w a spoiler a…
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@Krypack1 @Mettwasser1 i don't regret joining the discord lel
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RT @Sandhu__Jass: NevNever forget #RepublicDay 2021 When #SupremeCourt of Jokers & #GodiMedia pay their obeisance to @republic of th…
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RT @Wonderling91: [LIVE] I'm not sure if we're making money on Shoreline or reserve today. It's all about th…
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RT @bradjrr: Not everyone you lose is a loss!
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RT @surnell: Blame Modi and Shah. As if National Flag is only theirs or the party's. Bloody hell, feel bad that our National Fla…
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RT @FrontalForce: When people like Yogender Yadav & Tikait are not in jail, what do u expect will happy in this country.
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