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RT @iridescentazure: Super junior funniest, embarrassing and nonsense moments @SJofficial
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RT @AreaFada1: Hail Biafra. In 1970, dem say no victor no vanquished. We put down our arms and left the trenches, with excitement…
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just wake up to see that Arsenal is losing to Fulham. what is this nonsense?
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RT @BrahmaandKiMaa: keeping COVID in mind, I request authorities to PLEASE stop IPL nonsense asap. Give trophy to whichever team has ma…
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RT @xtiandela: Who thinks for this Country? Surely! So they decide to mount a road block in the middle of Thika Road because peop…
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RT @chiddyafc: Regardless of VAR nonsense, 5 shots 1 on target in almost 70 mins vs 18th place is despicable. Horrible display
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@WalshFreedom Lindsey, the fact that the only type of media outlets that let you spew your nonsense, are those like…
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RT @SouthernSylvs: Endler is the best GK in the world. Every other option is nonsense at this point, I'm sorry.
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RT @housetoastonish: House to Astonish episode 191 is now live, with reviews of Batman: The Detective and Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk! P…
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RT @cliftonaduncan: I'm reporting the @nytimes for peddling anti-scientific conspiracy theories. Everyone knows by now that what we a…
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@unfitforpurpose Yeah, I'm done if this Super League nonsense actually happens. I get more than enough of that sort…
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@ABC7Chicago Perhaps this should be reported by your climate change guest this morning, who’s producing your news nonsense these days?
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@RahulGandhi Nonsense.....when did u last have a rally in Bengal. Please have some shame as u hv joined hands with…
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You’ll just be rotating nonsense...stupid man
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@AliciaSmith987 Why aren't you out there taking guns from the criminals? Then you wouldn't have to spout nonsense about the 2A.
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RT @Fyrishsunset: Hi @RidgeOnSunday, I’m told Sturgeon trotted out more nonsense about Scotland nearly eliminating Covid in the summ…
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RT @CNDIDFRNTOTRUTH: @ReportsDaNews Find me just one American in the right academic circles who is not arrogant and this nonsense can en…
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@DPJHodges I’m amazed that you can sleep at night, putting this nonsense out into the world.
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RT @iridescentazure: Super junior funniest, embarrassing and nonsense moments @SJofficial
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