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Today I got remembered that encoding is still a nightmare #utf16 #utf8
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Tesla is stuck with over 10,000 cars on factory hold, resulting in a logistical nightmare
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@rishibagree Kya farak padta hai purani aadat hai..
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RT @florentderue: Réouverture des terrasses demain et Benzema en Équipe de France, aurait-on finalement droit au bonheur ?
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I just thought of a nightmare scenario: let's say HR1 passes (because the filibuster is gutted) and gerrymandering…
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i guess a lot of people who actually know the fights have stopped doing reclears because pf has been a nightmare these past couple weeks
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Every organizer’s nightmare in a plumpost.
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RT @lasisielenu: Different types of teachers in secondary schools. Number was my nightmare 😡😡😡 #lasisielenu #justforlaughs…
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RT @acgrayling: The Observer: "'A Brexit nightmare': the British businesses being pushed to breaking point."
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@snow19750314akk Have a sweet nightmare tonight!! I hope you can get to sleep!! 💜⚡️
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RT @VeIeno: At least Yzerman didn’t hire Tortorella. That would have been a nightmare
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i just want it to be known that hosting this show with these people is a nightmare
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RT @DMinghella: They said there'd be a "free trade deal" and no non-tariff barriers. It was a lie. Trade is a nightmare. They told…
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Annnnnd Nightmare flue
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@simulo @reginasipos Yup yup, makes sense it would be a "security" feature but yep – most other apps just have the…
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That's a high compliment, thank you. When I had a nightmare this morning that he had been taken away from me, I w…
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@staryoshi0 @filmdaze Imagine being in your 20’s working on the poorly managed nightmare project for low pay and no union backing you 🤪
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@DailyCaller I keep waiting to wake from the nightmare that is the Biden Admin. But instead the nightmare only gets worse. 😢
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RT @thedailybeast: Africa has vaccinated just 2 percent of its population through the COVAX program and won’t be getting more vaccines…
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