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Literally making a mask from a tshirt that advertizes Naloxone, a medication used for emergency treatment of opioid…
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RT @jujo28: @FoxNewsSunday WILL FOX NETWORK ever tell the full truth & facts to the viewers?? They are already responsible for…
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RT @saisreekanth75: Good night @tarak9999 #TelecastNTRsBiggBossInStarMaa
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RT @jfordrob: saturday night!
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@espn how about you show USC winning one of their 7 national championships as a make up for that rose bowl thing the other night?
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RT @thetaeprint: [INFO] Famous Thai actor Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat who starred in the hit thai series “Tharntype” recommended Swe…
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@aemieruls_ night
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RT @atensnut: We the people are facing COVID-19, an untrustworthy FBI and DOJ, a batshit crazy House Speaker & FAKE liberal medi…
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RT @ddoniolvalcroze: Long exposure of star trails in the night sky above the Australian outback by Australian Photographer Lincoln Harri…
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A gang of those little greenish wrens were flying back and forth across the path, but I haven’t seen any of those m…
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@priyanka004jai3 good night
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Last night, I did something I never thought I was gonna do bc I didn't think it was for me. I finished the Disney J…
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Okay so my legs really hurt sometimes at night and after looking it up I think it might be restless leg syndrome an…
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@scoobydoran @AwayDays_ @bailey_doran25 Would’ve been fight night as well😢
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RT @snoopyeol: when chanyeol can’t spend the night
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RT @CelebrityBarMan: Massive Giveaway Tonight By 10pm Prompt 💰 stay tuned. Eligibility : Ensure you follow me and also Retweet 💰🔑🌟 20…
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RT @NetflixIsAJoke: Coffee is a Detroit cop being framed for a crime he didn't commit. Kareem is his girlfriend's smart-ass kid. To sur…
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RT @markgeronimo_: sana all may kapuyatan??? may ka late night talks?? putangina the independent life talaga minsan eh no,,,,,, nakaka…
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@superdivorce @bryanalvarez Steve austin getting ran over happened the night of the ppv, anyways they have shown th…
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