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gay people be like I'm broke and GAY here's my go fund me, my rents due next week and I need help because I'm broke and GAY 😐
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How appropriate and ominous that I next meet with my psychiatric nurse on Nov. 3rd.
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RT @Fayokunmii: One minute you’re proud of yourself, feeling accomplished and the next thing you’re tired, exhausted, feeling like…
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RT @GeorgeMOfficial: October 30th 2020 marks 30 years since George released the iconic track and music video to "Freedom! '90". We hav…
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RT @ChinaJoeFlynn: Last time the Rays lost a World Series, the Yankees won the next season. #justsayin
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RT @yiayboardgame: We hit our goal in 24 MINUTES 😳 thank you, we love you, but we still have lots planned over the next month so stick…
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Latest on Llaeth Medra Milk. Over the next few months I will be preparing to launch the milkshakes and developing d…
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#confinement2 #macron20h les universités c’était un plaisir see u next year or not 😏
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@EDNJACK53 @BigBlueHuddle Wonder what comment you will have next time he has a breakout play... and he will... as h…
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RT @GGFN_: 🚨 | COMPETITION GIVEAWAY To get your hands on a free copy of St. Pauli: Another Football is Possible by…
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RT @shahid_siddiqui: College in Kerala banned jeans, girls came in lungis, college still thinking what to do next.
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Better preparation must begin with an unvarnished assessment of what has gone wrong in the U.S. and in the global r…
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As you all know, I had surgery, long story short, didn't help at all. Next step is drug therapy to help with pain.…
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RT @RealGeoffBarton: 'Britain's second wave of coronavirus will last until April': my conversation about the implications of this for ne…
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RT @YinkaBokinni: Guys my first documentary is coming out next Wednesday (28th October) on @Channel4 at NINE PM This is one of the t…
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@miss__slaughter Hopefully a simp doesn't pull a Tantric about timezones next month. Wait, I mean tantrum whoops.
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@TideFanAtlanta @AVindman @YVindman Lt Col Alexander Vindman, under oath, on national television, then had to repor…
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