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RT @Valeurs: Sibeth Ndiaye souhaite organiser une lutte contre les #FakeNews et les contenus haineux. Une initiative mal accueil…
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Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New York
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RT @CREWcrew: As news of more stock sales emerges, it’s clear that Sen. Kelly Loeffler should be investigated.
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RT @currie14_kelly: @realDonaldTrump Thank You President Trump . I haven’t miss one briefing. Don’t take questions from Fake News Me…
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RT @BBCWorld: Spain "close to passing the peak of infections" as number of coronavirus deaths falls for second day in a row, Span…
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RT @hk_watch: Hong Kong police fired tear gas at anti-government protesters in an ‘uncontrolled and allegedly malicious manner’,…
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RT @SunApology: ICYMI. While Fox News was telling its elderly viewers not to listen to medical experts and that Coronavirus was a c…
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RT @halabadawy64: رئيس مدينة زويل: ابتكرنا جهاز تنفس صناعي يخدم 7 مرضي في آن واحد #مصر
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RT @reaIKevin: I'm sorry.... Trump just implemented free Coronavirus coverage for uninsured patients, and I can barely find any news article on it.....?
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@MichaelWitschel @lavenderblue27 @laeRtInipeeK @CarolLei4 I totally agree. Anyone who can't see what a dismal failu…
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RT @Telegraph: "In terms of the hard evidence and what the UK Government recommends, we do not recommend face masks for general we…
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RT @swilkinsonbc: Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, report finds israel arrested 292 Palestinians, including 17 children & 3 women in…
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RT @DMiliband: First good news for some time. Congratulations @keirstarmer who can bring back intelligence, principle, judgment -…
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RT @realDonaldTrump: .@CNN is Fake News. They will take a good story and make it as bad as is humanly possible. They are a JOKE!
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Hardy: 'It would take years to rebuild apprenticeships'
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RT @currie14_kelly: @realDonaldTrump Thank You President Trump . I haven’t miss one briefing. Don’t take questions from Fake News Me…
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via @NYTimes Some better news...
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RT @JonLemire: Trump has focused on his self-image — claiming credit wherever he believes it is owed, attempting to project streng…
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RT @realDonaldTrump: I will be holding a News Conference at 3:30 P.M. at the White House. Thank you!
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@101fess gw sayang semua nder, tanpa kecuali X1 REBOOT @yhent_korea @TOPmedia_Kr @OUI_ent @official_DSP @BN_Music
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