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Neil deGrasse Tyson Tried to Call Out an Error in Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Arrival’ and Failed
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RT @DoktorJoseRizal: Sabi ni Father kanina sa homily n'ya, “choose someone who will be proud of you, even if you're not the best.” i want that.
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RT @MinyardGirl: Odiando o Andrew no começo de The Foxhole Court // Querendo matar todo mundo e deixar só o Neil é o Andrew no plane…
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RT @GrandLat: A panel discussion at UCL: 'Rewriting the Trojan war: Troy in Myth and Matter.' March 6th, 5 PM. Gordon House, Roo…
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@GermanStrands @Neil_Druckmann @BadData_ The HUD better be that minimal when the game comes out too.. I hate intrusive HUD elements.
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RT @mjat42: Good to see Deborah Neil in the current Honest Ulsterman. @ACNIWriting @The_JHS
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RT @mark_melbin: Powerful Murdoch sycophant Andrew Neil takes the side of fascism, calling for a crackdown on: "permanently-outraged…
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told myself i'll memorize the codes for tomorrow's defense. suddenly, jason happened and nagkkwentuhan na naman kami ng kapatid ni neil 🙄
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RT @2112signals: Beautiful. Drums and lyrics by Neil Peart. Not a Rush song.
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RT @master_crowley: Neil finally posted some behind the scenes pics of Aziraphale on tumblr.
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RT @MarchaHist: Macho tóxico e cafajeste, Neil Armstrong convida moça inocente pra ir na casa dele “ver estrelas” (1969)
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【人生が豊かになる方法】 ・趣味を見つける ・パートナーを作る ・夢を追いかける ・美味しいものを食べる ・仲間とワイワイ 自分はビジネスだけ 寂しい人間なのかも
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@BENEFITS_NEWS just tagged JT,Mims Davies,Neil Couling,Debbie Abrahams and DWP in a RT !! scuzzbuckets the lot f them !!
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RT @RorySmith: Roberto Firmino actually a really good actor?
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RT @noveliciouss: If you only write when inspired, you may be a fairly decent poet, but you'll never be a novelist. NEIL GAIMAN…
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RT @aqizil: my favorite meeting room on campus #TheLastOfUs @Naughty_Dog @Neil_Druckmann
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RT @iamblobz: Neil Armstrong : I was the first man to land on the moon Me : I'll be the first to land on the sun Neil Armstrong :…
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@STHLibraries @webmastergirl will share presentation @libsconnected NW !
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RT @seedfolks_one: Neil Young - Only Love Can Break Your Heart 俺には友達がいる 一度も会ったことのない友達が 彼は自分の頭の中に隠れ 夢の中に引き籠ってる きっと誰かが彼を呼んで 彼と会うべきなんだ 落ち…
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