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RT @BBCWorld: US Vice-President Mike Pence continues campaigning despite aide's Covid diagnosis Mr Pence has tested negative and…
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@RL_ProjectBooth @VanTaylorTX @JohnCornyn Cornyn is a liar and he works with and for special interests. MJ Hegar i…
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178 In this case, the flesh of the body remains the same. However, the method of negative thread is different. This…
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@Francis_Hoar @KenGibs1 Did you consider asking a scientist about the PCR tests. False positive rates Vs false negative rates?
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@gdbm1102 @TheNotoriousMMA @FabricioWerdum Because I don't need you negative energy bro 😑
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RT @Canny4: I do not want to live in fear. I choose hope. I choose a bright future. I believe my best days are ahead of me. I’…
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@zirbetza i emailed them it 😍 hopefully they’ll undo me negative echoes
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RT @cryptoSqueeze: Exchange netflow is mostly in the negative region since October 2019. Netflow was mostly positive in 2018 (and esp…
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RT @TeeRose_1: Me to myself when i start thinking negative
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RT @MileyUpdates: Stop fighting with other's fandom! This brings not but negative shit to Miley and she's the one who has to deal wit…
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Manifestation works wether ur positive or negative. Whatever you replay in ur mind will happen.
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RT @CillizzaCNN: He was. Tests can come back negative for days and then be positive.
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RT @divinenocturnal: Do y’all ever get tired of how fucking negative you are? Serious question.
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RT @AliNouriPhD: VP Pence's Negative test does NOT mean he is virus-free. Even gold standard PCR tests don't detect the virus in ear…
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Vice president has tested negative and will stay on the campaign trail—deciding against quarantine—with just days t…
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RT @TeamNegativeTV: 🏆 Negative Monthly Cup #4 🏆 @EsportWavy wins the fourth edition of the Negative Monthly Cup! Congratulations! 🏁…
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RT @DanaAlexaNews: #NEW: WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says doctors have greenlit VP Pence for campaign travel to North Carolina. His…
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RT @zainabsardo: Its high time I stop allowing other peoples problem have negative effect on me.
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@Suchmo83 @MadeUpTeacher1 @teach_well @ReadingShanahan ... potentially resulting in them reverting to negative habi…
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@IzmDesign @CityofEdmonton @YEGRiverValley Also despite the negative press, the oil/tar sands giants have done more…
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