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RT @_Vaun: usher did what he needed to do already, mind your airport reggae music making ass business. @diplo
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@FallonTonight The absolute best!! Thanks to all for making us laugh out loud! So needed - keep it up!!
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RT @nijjormanush: Yesterday we lost British Bangladeshi Dr. to Covid19, Dr. Abdul Mabud Chowdhury. Leaving behind his wife and two ch…
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RT @ChoctopusYT: If Smash Ultimate was an anime. I didn't animate this, but it needed some music. All credit goes to Antoine Tran,…
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RT @LukeGoldberg4: As Giuliani says, this is an open and shut bribery case. Biden admitted to it on live camera. No more evidence need…
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RT @TomFitton: Are the Clintons still bankrolled by Chinese communist fronts? DOJ investigation of Clinton's pay-to-play at State…
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@JasonKHeffner1 I think I agree. I think if you draft a point guard/lead ball handler or whatever label we're using…
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RT @ipoliticsca: At a 10% infection rate, the Public Health Agency of Canada projects 3.76 million people will contract the coronavi…
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RT @JeffLandry: A marvel of modern governance is @realDonaldTrump‘s ability to deliver quickly, in #TrumpTime, that which is desper…
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Public Holiday tomorrow. So much needed. This Work from home ehn😌.
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@MikeSullivan canvas drop cloth driving range will have to do for now. Foam ball just weren’t cutting it. Needed to…
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RT @isalwayslarry: Harry Styles in long hair ✨ we all NEEDED this thread;
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Hazmat suits yet.none of these are confirmed positive cases and none have or will be tested- these are going into m…
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RT @RepBradWenstrup: Thank you to all the workers continuing to ship much-needed cargo across the country. Your efforts are helping deli…
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RT @BottlesBooks: Steady Rolling Man 5.2% Pale from @deyabrewery was just what I needed after finishing deliveries!
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RT @uhbtrust: Earlier this week we received this delivery from @NHSEngland. These ventilators are now installed and are ready to…
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@InactionNever I love this little guy! I miss my Pre-K VE Kids but I needed to retire early to come out here and help take care of my Mom.
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@HikarisDream I'm not really daring to hope for anything rn but a miracle sure is needed if i want to be able to finish my studies
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Needed this 🤣
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