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RT @FrontalAssault1: Breaking: India-Japan naval exercise to start from tomorrow in Arabian Sea. This after India-Australia PASSEX 2 days back in IOR.
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"If you create intersections, you’re going to have collisions." ~ @naval
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RT @NavalBot: "Wealth creation is an evolutionarily recent positive-sum game. Status is an old zero-sum game. Those attacking wea…
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echelon mouths closed frams sixty one sixty five naval exercise
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RT @SandraSBreen: Breaking: Hunter Biden lied on his passport application. State Department records indicate he was in trouble for…
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we already have social media
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crlh demorei pra dormir, acordei e n consigo dormir pq to nervosa pela prova dos meninos da minha turma q vão fazer naval
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@naval we already have social medias
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RT @RealCapnCrunch: WAYS TO #BeTheCapn [1] work hard, attend the Breakfast Cereal Naval Academy, sail the seas for many decades OR…
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Mindfulness means non judgemental , acceptance and commitment to act religiously @hvgoenka @naval
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RT @Museo_Naval: EL Museo Naval de Madrid reabre sus puertas al público el 17 de octubre tras finalizar la reforma. #VuelveelNaval
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RT @fabyantro: En la Base Naval de Talcahuano limpiaron las enredaderas de lo que era un supuesto antiguo estanque ferroviario. De…
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RT @NavyTimes: The hapless attack sub Boise will return to the fleet in 2023 after 8 years sidelined
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The Inaugural Virtual Heritage Tourism Run is underway in Bloemfontein. Runners visit heritage sites from Mandela s…
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RT @BHARATNARAYAN7: @dpkpillay12 @mariawirth1 @ChanakyaForum Bharat was great naval and military power and now we are again world known…
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RT @DefenceDecode: Removal of spent nuclear fuel from the RFS K-123, an Alfa Class (project 705K) nuclear-powered attack submarine in…
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@elibarrola Será una digna egresada de la Hca. Escuela Naval! 😌
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@timesofindia The difference between China andI India : China produces 99.99%of its own military and naval hardwar…
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📢 ¿Tragedia inevitable? El Titanic se hundió por el cumplimiento de una estricta norma naval
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