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RT @ArukOrc: You enter the room to discover Nate in his natural habitat: drinking, barely dressed, and definitely trying to flir…
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@PostCrucifixi0n Depende a algunos le quedan bien al natural, no soy de esos lamentablemente así que cada tanto me las arreglo
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RT @el_rubio61: @laespergesia Si tienes gastritis y vas pen de sanar rápido, licúa la lechosa con semilla y todo! Es un cicatrizante natural
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@TwitterGaming Many ways to have the best pokemon from stats, moves, typing, design or natural abilities, but Chari…
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RT @StephanieKusie: In 5 years, @JustinTrudeau and @CathMcKenna decimated our natural resources sector. Now they expect Canadians to b…
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@natural_bra Bis zum 18. noch vier Klausuren aber yolo:(
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RT @AaronParnas: Ted Cruz (Q-Cancun) just joked that Cancun was better than Orlando. Let that sink in. A sitting Senator abandons hi…
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dez hora de uma sexta e eu to bebendo suquinho natural de manga em vez de um latão bem gelado ai olha eu odeio a vida adulta
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SMITHSWRITERs 🎯 Mathematics 🎯 Computer science 🎯 History 🎯 Social sciences 🎯 Natural sciences 🎯 Computer science 🎯…
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RT @PrensaFIglesias: .@FerIglesias en @lanacionmas: "Nosotros tuvimos el 41% de los votos y tenemos que representar a esa gente. Algunos…
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RT @AyoNaima: Imagine putting false law over Natural Law 😭🥴
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RT @RenzEidan: 10 Natural ways to Lessen Anxiety. Credits to Sir Joe Catalla, RPm
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RT @donghoyuyu: Q: NU’EST Members exist to BaekHo ? 🐯Just members sometimes they’re closer than family sometimes they’re like frie…
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RT @broke10vely: don't think the rest of WayV are going to China, they still don't have natural hair colors and Gimpo airport is mos…
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RT @PaulZizkaPhoto: It's Yukon Heritage Day! The Yukon may be the smallest of Canada's three territories, but its history, culture, and…
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#Broccoli, the Natural Anti Hyperlipidemic Activity
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This will Brighten your Skin and Take You Ages Back - Take Shades Back t... via @YouTube
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BIBELOT mosquito coil holder nestled amongst the beauty of @thelittleblackshack SHOP the holder and natural coils t…
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@BitBitCrypto My speculation is ~41.3k... lvl of previous resistance broken by massive "Elon candle"...all natural…
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