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RT @CriticalRoleFDN: CAMPAIGN UPDATE: We're just $20,000 away from hitting our final fundraising goal of $200k to revive EIGHT Native Yo…
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RT @ElevatePSPK: A request from a friend 👇 Naa friend 4 days ga kanipichatledhu He is my room mate in vijayawada narayana campus…
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RT @emarvelous: “Native American voters are often left behind, not necessarily maliciously, but Native American voters and communit…
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RT @friel: Behold the Giant #Snakehead (#Channa micropeltes). Among the largest species of snakehead fish & native to the fres…
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RT @WilliamCassing1: Pakistanis are a tiny minority in Scotland and already they are imposing blasphemy laws on the native people. Imag…
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@evanrosskatz It’s the “native new yowkah” for me
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@klia00 Yes, native of Brazil, beloved of Oz, subject of superstition (see university and exams) and Grafton gets h…
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“We refuse to allow legitimacy upon a process that has disregarded our input at every turn.” Leaders of five Alaska…
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RT @lakotalaw: "It is for the Native Hawaiians and the State of Hawaii to decide whether we're welcome. And if we're not, we won't…
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RT @TheRealHoarse: Just as salmon return to their native spawning grounds and swallows return to Capistrano, Chuck Todd returns to his…
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@ughmoni i’m so annoyed at the people trying to excuse it by saying lesbian is used as an insult in her native lang…
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RT @1pedroventura1: Lucas to 🇵🇹 media 👏Help for Tomás/Alfa "Its always good to have someone in the team speaking our native language.…
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@HVIIITracker “Native area” 🤦🏻‍♂️
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RT @EveryBat: BAT #737 The Angolan epauletted fruit bat (Epomophorus angolensis) is native to the dry savannas of Namibia & Angol…
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My dumb not English native ass really screaming "WHO THE FUCK IS DYKE" at my room at 10 pm😔✋ who is dyke fr help
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RT @GardeningWell: We can change the world! Plant more native plants Grow some veg Replace grass with wild flowers Make a bug hotel
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the shame of the virgin weeb who shudders at the mortifying cadence of words spoken in their native tongué
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As if people still ‘dress up’ as native Americans GROSS
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@WesleyLowery That’s true. But digital native outlets are.
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RT @Dahliadoe: It can fascinates me how little we know about Native American culture being that you know, we live on their land.
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