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RT @CBSDenver: Gov. Jared Polis Opposes Lethal Removal Of Bison From Grand Canyon National Park, Says Some Of Herd Could Be Brough…
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91 years of prosperity , Happy national day Saudi Arabia💚🇸🇦 #اليوم_الوطني_السعودي
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RT @ABC: "Wow, that's so amazing." A hiker spotted a bison taking a stroll down a road at Yellowstone National Park in Wyom…
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RT @NYDailyNews: Richard Buckley, husband of Tom Ford, dies The fashion editor who dictated decades of culture has died at 72
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RT @USACNation: Never before has there been more past #4Crown USAC @AMSOILINC National Sprint Car winners than there'll be in this…
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RT @demmapgrd: 🗺 C. Angela Burrow is a national dementia trainer, a Dementia Champion, a coach, a certified #Montessori #Dementia…
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RT @matthewlesh: To stop media helicopters from covering protests, Australia’s civil aviation authority has approved a request from…
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Happy Saudi Arabia national day 🇸🇦
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RT @Newsweek: The former national security adviser seems to think the medical establishment might have devised a way to force vac…
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RT @ABC: "Wow, that's so amazing." A hiker spotted a bison taking a stroll down a road at Yellowstone National Park in Wyom…
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وما رقى متن السّماء شعبٌ سِوانا ولا لمع بين النّجوم إلا وطنّا 🇸🇦🤍. #SaudiArabia  #اليوم_الوطني_السعودي  #SAUDI_NATIONAL_DAY
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RT @Mayberry44: The TV Rag shows&National News become obsessed with 1 of hundreds of murders committed nationwide daily,the Gabby P…
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Happy national day 🇸🇦🇸🇦
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RT @TheUSASingers: The GOP merrily helped Trump increase the national debt by $7.8 trillion in a bigly cash grab for the super rich &…
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91 years of love, givin and pride. Happy national day,the greatest country🇸🇦🤍 #اليوم_الوطني_السعودي
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Congratulations to @SAISD and the Young Women’s Leadership Academy on being recognized as a National Blue Ribbon Sc…
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RT @Peter_Fitz: Nikki Savva: "Both [Morrisonn moves] were about trust. Both provided insights into the most troubling aspects of Mo…
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Guy Who Voted to Add $1.9 Trillion to the National Debt to Fund Rich Person Tax Cuts: Think of the Children
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RT @adgpi: Shri Ajay Bhatt, Raksha Rajya Mantri unfurled the National flag at the altitude of 10,800 feet overseeing the compl…
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