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RT @iamcalvinken: Let us set aside all our differences tomorrow for Rabiya. Let us be united and show the universe that we are ONE NA…
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To the fans who joined us in Frisco, THANK YOU. To the fans who watched from home, THANK YOU. The support of Jackr…
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RT @BenGauntlettDDC: A benefit of a well-run @ndis is it frees up hospital and medical resources. In the debate concerning "scheme susta…
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@JohnRHewson @MSMWatchdog2013 University education is a very important aspect of fryburger’s nation.
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RT @mateagold: Man charged with wife’s murder illegally cast her ballot for Trump, officials say: ‘I just thought, give him anothe…
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RT @SethAbramson: 10/ So Steele, gravely concerned about *us*—the American people, his nation's allies—carefully reached out to the m…
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RT @RuchiraC: The whole nation is asking this question. The PM must answer or arrest the whole nation. #ArrestMeToo
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RT @MicheleONeilAU: Another Government attack on the not for profit Industry super funds that will leave workers worse off.
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RT @POTUS: Last week I had the chance to meet with Dreamers in the Oval Office. These young people are part of the fabric of o…
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Crash victim had posted videos riding in Tesla on Autopilot.
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Police: 4 officers injured, suspect dead after shooting in Alabama
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RT @atiku: We must grow in unity. We must glow in community. We must blow away disunity. We have no choice, considering the al…
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ECG for off the light so I can sleep well 😂😂😂
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RT @BHSACADEMICTM: Playing for third or fourth place...IN THE NATION!! Let’s go, Beavercreek! @BcrkSchools @bcreekathletics
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RT @MichaelBloch15: In a rare move, the Texas State Bar disbarred a prosecutor for withholding evidence that would have exonerated two…
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RT @syubhoya: hyung line nation how are we feeling
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RT @kvconner: Arson suspect sought as brush fire near LA's exclusive Pacific Palisades forces evacuations LAFD spokesperson Marga…
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RT @Excellion: #Bitcoin anti-fragility test checklist: ✅ Rogue devs ✅ Bitcoin Jebus ✅ NYA / Corporate Bitcoin co's ✅ Miners ✅ For…
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@Moodab4 Wow. I thought it was Packer Nation?
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As a human being, I’m not against any religious belief or culture, but Zionists forget what happened back when no o…
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