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RT @Haring29: gidle queens gidle latata gidle uh oh gidle cool gidle queendom gidle fire gidle miyeon gidle Minnie gidle yuq…
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RT @youtubemusic: The Queen has returned 👑 Play @MariahCarey’s Caution now on the new YouTube Music app →
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RT @BrasilParkBom: [INFO] Park Bom's "SPRING" was nominated to MELON MUSIC AWARDS 2019 for "R&B/Soul" category. K-BOMshells & K-Black…
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RT @JenniWoodyard: Do this with alcohol bottles and then drink whatever is in your hand when the music stops.
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Christmas music already playing at work.. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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@stock_a4 @Marlo2k No since he started making music that earned him 21 Grammys and created a billion dollar company…
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I became alienated from this religious upbringing, and started making music. I wanted to be a big star. All those t…
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Apparently I haven’t listened to enough music yet so I can’t see my artist 💀
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@NorthboundFL If you are still in SA, stop by Alamo Music Center. They are giving away a free guitar today!…
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RT @HilaryNews: Rapper and producer JPEGMAFIA (@darkskinmanson) has named @HilaryDuff as one of his favorite white people of all ti…
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RT @CBSNews: Taylor Swift says she's being blocked from singing her songs at American Music Awards, a claim her old label, Big M…
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Music for the pain!
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RT @9699net: seungyoun’s short appearance on the vcr of vlive heartbeat and he’s talking about how they got inspired in nell’s m…
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RT @rexhaftjohn: everyone. hold on to your wigs. faouzia is about to SMASH the music industry. TEARS OF GOLD IS COMING Y’ALL
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RT @IATodayBR: Iggy Azalea ganhou o prêmio de "Chart Topper" na Billboard Women in Music em 2014. Ela é a ÚNICA rapper feminina a…
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I tell myself that I can study with music but end up having a full on concert with costume changes and surprise guests 🤡
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A lot of #music is #mathematics. It's #balance. ~ #Mel #Brooks
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RT @Capt__Rizzy: What's Your favorite music genre?
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RT @YoungMAMusic: I really miss the beginning 2000’s era music.... wtf happened 😩🤦🏽‍♂️
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RT @yoonjo_on: the hyyh au is literally a cinematic piece of music, film and literature that NO ONE will ever come close to replic…
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