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RT @lewis_goodall: Something fishy happening with this motion. It’s disappeared from the agenda today. Source from Freedom of Movement…
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RT @JaniceDean: Watching 3 named storms in the Atlantic. #Jerry will impact Bermuda, #Karen bringing heavy rain and winds for…
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Stellar price has been moving below the baseline with a flattish trend over the past one month due to the continual…
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RT @brainpicker: "If we were not so single-minded about keeping our lives moving, and for once could do nothing, perhaps a huge sile…
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RT @RailMinIndia: A passenger tried to board moving 12915 Ashram Exp. at Ahmedabad Station but he slipped and was about to fall in be…
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Woohoo, our CPN has found us a long term one as she’s moving on, who we meet next week, and should have a new psych…
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@johnpauleyles Oi none of that keep moving forward power thorough it 😘
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RT @dthang2x: moving different because I want different. Old ways won’t open new doors 🚪
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RT @_ukactive: Happy National #FitnessDay Eve everyone! If you're wondering how you can get involved in tomorrow's celebration, h…
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RT @IDF: Watch these IDF soldiers sign Israel's national anthem "Hatikva" in this moving clip. 🇮🇱 #IDSL2019
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RT @AbimaelTiempoPR: ¡Buenos días! #Karen regresa a su estado de tormenta. La trayectoria se ajustó un poco más al este, con entrada en…
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@JonFlan @FurzKathy It might be wise to get the Whistleblower report, hear the Whistleblower, hear the call in ques…
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I let u all kno when I get online today I may get on close to the time I Finnish up my videos sorry y’all moving so slow so sad 😭
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NWS Alert> Severe Thunderstorm Over Gu Vo or 29 Miles SE of Ajo Moving NE At 25 MPH. 60 MPH Wind Gusts. Expect Dama…
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RT @RailMinIndia: A passenger tried to board moving 12915 Ashram Exp. at Ahmedabad Station but he slipped and was about to fall in be…
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Woke up to a SPIDER just chillin on my pillow next to me. I’m moving out.
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RT @ygent_official: #AKMU '항해(SAILING)' D-1 MOVING POSTER AKMU 3rd FULL ALBUM [항해] Online release 2019. 09. 25 6PM ▶️…
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@OriginalJayB Nigga got a mrs and moving brand new. I respect it
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Atleast it's moving. UwU. Slow paces are better than hard stops UwU
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RT @Slowjam_Dydy: @SJizzleBeats 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂moving already
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