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@MichelsTristan Agreed! I just see the movies for the music and the magical creatures, especially the Niffler.
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RT @THR: Melvin Van Peebles, Godfather of Black Cinema, Dies at 89
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@AshleyCote74 I wouldn't want to either lmao 🤣 these movies always with that happening especially 2012 for example lol
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RT @franklinleonard: Rest in Peace, Melvin Van Peebles. Godfather of Black cinema, Godfather of (all) American independent cinema, and…
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RT @edwardjolmos: To pay us less to work on streaming shows than shows that air on TV.They want to work us longer hours, and shorter…
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@IovefuIl i kinda get what u mean! some movies deal w heavy topics and are more controversial but they’re still..we…
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RT @TK_Simonia: The gap between the quality of Nigerian music and Nigerian movies needs to be studied.
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RT @THR: Van Peebles was best known for projects such as #WatermelonMan and #SweetSweetbacksBaadasssssSong. The Chicago nati…
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RT @WOWT6News: HAPPY HALLOWEEN? The Hallmark Channel is kicking off its Christmas movie season Oct. 22.
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RT @DisneyTVANews: ANIMATION ON Disney+ USA October MOVIES: Mickey’s Tale Of Two Witches 10/8 Thumbelina 10/22 SERIES The Chicken…
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RT @KnightOfCups4: Clint's movies are more progressive than most liberal filmmakers even though he's a libertarian lol. better anti-po…
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the human centipede movies scarred me for life but that’s nothing compared to a scene in the poughkeepsie tapes. on…
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RT @greggturkington: No one cares, they are all interested in #movies, not imaginary money you can't buy anything with.
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RT @TrilogyFiIm: Film twitter is so scary because i remember seeing people say "I've only seen 150 movies this year" ONLY 150 ???
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RT @QueetGotDaJuice: Guys ! Fall is here 🍁🍂 candles burning, scary movies, wine sipping, & great ass vibes 🥰❤️🤞🏾
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@OSUItalianFilm Demythogize, Charlie and his friends was laughing at the movies and the character aren’t seen as co…
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Ogun owo for Yoruba movies dey always funny me. Like today, e do ogun owo... Tomorrow, he don get like 5 companies and plenty staffs. 🤦🏾‍♂️
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RT @aceisjoy: @WhyVeeES All these people in the comments need to read this
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