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RT @httpreminders: we tend to forget that baby steps still move us forward
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RT @BolanleTajudee2: Did you think we have move on ???? Hell no..... We still demand justice from all the victims of #EndSARS Today's…
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RT @AnnCoulter: If you don't like riots, arson and looting, move to Florida where the governor keeps citizens safe.
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@jjellyym @lazytiana kirain lo dah move on😭
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RT @SianCElliott: Government hold urgent meeting with key stakeholders affected by European Super League. Great to see speed at which…
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Parts of #Hyderabad witness heavy rainfall. Thunderstorm activity commenced from the northern parts of the city & h…
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Turn-around Tuesday in the making? $USD extended its recent losses in Asia last night after #USDCNH lost 6.5030s su…
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Buffalo prepares for winter as the snow clouds start to move in. Wait, what?! Hahaha it happens all the time peopl…
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@citizentvkenya They want to begin the sanitisation, implicate few and move on with BAU. Nkt!
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RT @fffightinfacts: Starting at KoF'98, Leona would gain an Earring Explosive special move. In 2002, she gains Earring Explosive 2: Hea…
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RT @DrTomojit: BIG BREAKING | Vaccination open for all those above the age of 18 from 1st May. Thankyou @PMOIndia for this wonder…
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RT @BBCAN9LiveFeeds: #BBCAN9 Kiefer wonders what you call the move against Jed this week... Glass door, front door? I'm thinking it sho…
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RT @StubbornFacts: New Zealand does not want its '5 Eyes' membership to move away from sharing intelligence to interfering with its tr…
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@gal_yoga @CP24 No it is not the same thing and it is not double dipping 1. The sick benefit is only if you miss 50…
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I gotta move out of America man
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I just wanna move to a new school already and meet some new friends😩😩
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Luoy timo ay, Mapraning ka lang hanggang sa maka move on ka sa issue niyo ng pinsan ko naka move on na.
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RT @kongchanut: เป็นไหม? หลังจากพรีเซนต์งานอะไรที่เรารู้สึกไม่มั่นใจ ความรู้สึกเสียเซลฟ์มันตามหลอกหลอนเราไปหลายวันเหมือนกัน อยากสลั…
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RT @latenitebobbyd: No he didn’t😳, oh YES HE DID😲! Watch the Sheriff tell THE TRUTH👊! If you’re going to move here from a horrible Stat…
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I now move you Qiqi, we're siblings...100
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