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Super. lineart von gestern gelöscht. Und die Motivation das jetzt fertig zu stellen direkt mit. Ich hasse mein leben
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RT @coolcatwithhat: Es interessiert hier zwar wahrscheinlich die wenigsten, aber ich dachte ich teil trotzdem mal ein paar zeichnungen…
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We(Barca) are a woeful team, Bayern were a better n decent side. Setien bottled the league we topped for months, bo…
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RT @_thirstgangceo: i listen to the original one everyday for motivation
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RT @FCBNewsRoom: It’s very simple. The players are old and lacking in motivation. The coach is out of his depth. But above all of th…
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明確なゴールがあることで やる気が出るのですね 明確なゴールがないと「やる気」と関わる神経物質のセロトニンが放出されてもやる気が出ない - GIGAZINE
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RT @thecuddlebedco: Did you know that our founder, the talented Chrissie Lowery who also runs 'Heartizan ', has just written a book? It…
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@BBCMOTD @5liveSport The EPL should remove the parent club player eligibility rule. There is no bigger motivation t…
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@CBarcaCule @BarcaUniversal Exactly! Let’s call a spade a spade!! All he does is just walk around the pitch no enth…
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Think about the people and situations in your life. What inspires your optimism? #Optimism #AskYourself…
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RT @chartdata: US Certifications (@RIAA): @Normani, Motivation Platinum (1,000,000).
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RT @CHCCoachWard: Week 2 ✅ We got a lot better today! Proud of our guys taking the news yesterday of our league postponing the season…
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@sitenormanibr finalmente né, motivation não tem nada de hip hop
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If you're looking for some motivation, this list has 100 quotes to help inspire you to keep charging forward.
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A #Friday reminder for you - 💫 YOU DESERVE SUCCESS! 🌟 Retweet if you agree 🙌 #motivation #inspiration…
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Many people see short-term, whirlwind business trips as exhausting and stressful. However, spending time abroad eve…
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RT @chartsnormanibr: “Motivation” was certified as Platinum in the United States for selling over 1,000,000 units in the country! 🇺🇸💿
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RT @davidchenpanda: ⠀ “Scores of friends, guest and dignitaries came to the grand opening” ⠀ ⠀ What a blessing it was to have…
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It’s finally Friday! What are your plans this weekend?🎉 Follow 👉 @AsdAchievement 👈 For more positivity! Tag A Frie…
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RT @NormaniUpdate: Motivation has been certified Platinum in the United States
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