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@jonnginkai well, psychologically, a ‘player’ or ‘bad’ people usually more attractive than the good ones 🤷🏻‍♀️
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RT @VFL2013: Good Morning Gorgeous Conservatives, Patriots & Kindhearted People. Rt If You're Gonna Re-Elect Our President in 44…
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RT @ATEEZvotestream: ATINY here are the results of the finals! Thank you to everybody that joined. I hope we can do more streaming part…
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Futufum my Gee!! Happy Birthday Bro!! Cheers to more years in health and wealth. #Spending !!!! Do giveaway for boys na😊
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RT @UKCovid19Stats: NHS England reported 12 more COVID-19 hospital deaths that occurred over 7 dates: 1 = 19th Sep (1d ago) 6 = 18th S…
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RT @yifansauce: this kris wu said a little less conversation a little more action please.
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RT @shaelynnnnn_: Lord please put me in a position to make more money
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@PhantomPower14 Making the point without getting so 'all the auld yoons are croaking' about it might have been bett…
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RT @mewnicorn_: It's trending #6 WW! More? #MSS1stShowCase
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Cured of my johnny suh crush 💖 no more johnny suh for me 😌
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RT @rapplerdotcom: Apart from signing Proclamation no. 1081, then-president Ferdinand Marcos also issued 6 general orders and one lett…
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RT @buff_egan: So much for Social Distancing at the Limerick Hurling Final. Only 200 Supporters left in and they packed together…
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RT @fraim2827: Iba din talaga mga dotdoters nanahimik lang sa tabi pero in fairness.... Thank you sa mga nakijoin dotdot pa more t…
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@J_Stephens27 Don’t you know we live in a world where if you don’t agree 100% with me and my views then you are WRO…
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RT @jww_psj: SUNGJIN AFRAID DEMO GIVEAWAY (1) winner of PHP100 gcash - like & rt - follow is optional (but i need more myday…
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RT @LockdownNo: Hey @DCCWoods "looking after your family" includes protecting them from the insane idea that covid is more importan…
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My spine is practically made of metal and I've still got more backbone than this ham-faced lump.
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@miserablesdyke the rules literally make no sense... meeting with people inside is way more risky than meeting outs…
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RT @HYO_Team21: List of official Jihyo fancams with >1M views as of 200920: #5 DTNA = 1,205,190 👉 #6 Likey…
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RT @allkpop: BLACKPINK wins #1 on this week's 'Inkigayo' + Performances from TREASURE, Taemin, Stray Kids, and more!
1,919 followers     your 可能性 no limit boy! ないさ限界値. you can be a star, you can be a star 忘れるな!! 先を明るく照らすから (照らすから) like a star!! SHE%HER!!✿7TEEN! :D     Reply Retweet Favorite