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RT @Thatbulljuice: sorry i ghosted you for two months lol my phone died. wyd tn tho
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RT @taranwalker: Anthem is $5 ten months after release. Wow.
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RT @defdaily: 'JB & @REPRESENT have carefully crafted and designed the “#JBCOLLECTION” for his fans! Even with colder, winter mo…
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my 21 years of life . I’ve only came once 🥴 and that was like 2 months ago
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RT @ABC: Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Edinburgh Place in Hong Kong, commemorating six months since protests have er…
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RT @Thatbulljuice: sorry i ghosted you for two months lol my phone died. wyd tn tho
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RT @JohnWHuber: Seems like a major takeaway from the IG report everyone is ignoring is that for months Mueller employed a lawyer wh…
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Today’s topic for forensics class was 😢 suicide at my moment of weakness I needed to excuse myself not because of c…
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RT @LILRATLINK: swear i haven’t properly cried over gus in months but scrolling through emma’s instagram just now really got me sobbing ok 😳 damn
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RT @peterc1957: @mrmarksteel Fantastic isn't it. People have called leavers for months, we have been called racists and worse. Karma is marvelous
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Sighhh...I got dumped by a great friend today. A guy I have been hanging with for months and months... willing acce…
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RT @JackPosobiec: Hey @SpeakerPelosi! See the UK Election tonight? That's you in 11 months
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RT @HarmerDan: So in a 12 month period the Ford government won’t be sitting 7 months. Explain to me again why teachers are lazy fo…
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RT @finelinejra: its so annoying that all the older people who won’t even be alive when the changes are made can vote but i can’t vo…
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RT @WhySoSensi: Aljazeera melaporkan: Tidak ada shalat Jumat di lebih dari 4 bulan di masjid terbesar Kashmir. Penguncian itu juga…
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RT @kkingparsons: Took Me Eleven Minutes to do That Thing I've Been Avoiding for Three Months: A Memoir
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RT @kuljeetschahal: Citizenship bill was pending for 64yrs Article 370 was pending for 65 yrs Triple Talaq was pending for 72 yrs R…
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Prime seat to everyone’s drama tonight, can’t believe Becky fucked Tom 6 months into her relationship with Ryan, bu…
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RT @lilsasquatch66: Any bad hoes wanna come psychologically destroy me as a man and ruin my life for a good 4-12 months ? 😅😅😅 hahaaaaa cuffing season wooooo
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RT @bbygloss: it’s been months and sometimes i still wake up in cold sweat thinking about this vid
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